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Style Spotlight: Scott Disick and his sovereign style

Style Spotlight: Scott Disick and his sovereign style

What words best describe Scott Disick?

We can do a word-play on his last name and probably get something that’s pretty accurate: sick, ick, probably something that starts with a D and ends with a letter that means so much to him. K…Kourtney? Kardashian?

Anyway, he’s not our problem, he’s not our baby daddy in the first place, so we’ll just stick to his sense of style. His behavior (and recent breakup and quick makeup with 17-year-old Sofia Richie) may have recently hit the headlines, but Disick has also been “notorious” for his fashion sense. Let’s keep up with this Kardashian-adjacent, starting with his private jet flight outfit.

What’s the “tea,” Scott? We thought someone who calls themselves “Lord” would be dressed better in a private jet than the very plebeian hoodie, jacket, and beanie combo.

Looks like he was preparing for the colder months ahead with this Gucci coatperhaps he had a premonition of going solo?

Jackets over hoodies. Okay, we’re seeing a pattern here, kinda like his relationship dilemmas.

Cute! I will probably wear some army pants and Nike sneaks soon because of this look. If I were to give advice to Mason on what to learn from his old man, I’d tell him to pick up his dad’s sense of style.

The camouflage jacket paired with the faded denim jeans looks easy and laid-back. Don’t we all wish concealing our messy relationship behavior were as easy as this get-up?

That tracksuit with that Louis Vuitton leather backpack looks great and more appropriate for the messy-but-rich jetsetter persona he’s been cultivating.

There’s always two sides to every story, just like the looks Disick served for some Fashion Week: a pinstripe suit at one show then a bold streetwear outfit with a red chinoiserie-flavored jacket at the next.

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On the lookout in a pink t-shirt, pinstripe pants (or shorts), layered gold necklaces, and shadeshopefully not for another bad decision.

Hey Scott, we’d like to know if the holes on your knees came from begging Kourtney hard not to get kicked out of the house again? LOL

This  all-white ensemble makes him look so neat, we’re guessing he probably wore this to apologize to Kourtney and Penelope when he forgot the latter’s 4th birthday back in July of 2016.

The Lord Disick in full glory, monogrammed shoes included, perhaps on his way to party in 1OAK.

Disick’s style has changed and progressed (or regressed to some) from tailored suits to laid-back pullovers and hoodies and sweatshirts, and we could only wish for a similar change to his attitude. With the Kardashians sort of unraveling lately, no thanks to their connection to Kanye West’s messiness, it seems like the only thing that Disick has not f*cked up yet is his fashion game. I’m still rooting for him, he’s still one of my favorite Kardashians (or Kardashian-adjacents). Should he prove me wrong, if he can’t change his ways even after counseling, rehab, and life lessons, then I guess he’s really just a bad guy with a good sense of style. Anyway, I’ll always have this clip:



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