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Meet the men behind skincare brand Camou

Meet the men behind skincare brand Camou

Co-founder James Lee talks about the latest grooming practices in the Philippines

Today, the availability of products and accessibility to them are not the problem why there are still a lot of conservative men who are the “wash and wear” type—not that that’s bad, but it’s more of the stigma of using skincare products and what the traditional society may view them as.

One brand that focuses on simple yet effective grooming for men is Camou. You may have come across their Instagram page or TikTok where they talk about how they can elevate guys’ appearance with convenient and practical products.

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James Lee, a pediatric ophthalmologist and one of the founding members of the brand, was accompanied by his colleagues, Brian Tee and JR Santiago, who are managing partners, during the conceptualization of Camou. 

James shared that Camou was actually the brainchild of Brian. It all began in November 2022 when they were brainstorming about grooming and skincare products they personally use. Through this process, they identified needs that were not yet addressed by the current products available in the Philippine market.

Given the stigma surrounding men’s skincare and grooming practices, Garage approached Camou to unveil their values and perspectives on this topic. James also shared insights into what we can expect from the brand in the future.

Garage: What’s the team’s vision for Camou?

James: We conceptualized Camou to be a simple, effective, convenient and affordable brand of skincare that is non-intimidating for men who want to begin their skincare journey.  

It should involve the least number of steps and time to use, while still being able to produce maximal results. We also made sure that the products are accessible and affordable. 

Skincare is a journey and not an instant, one-time affair. Our users can be assured that our products will always be reasonably priced so that they are not afraid to use our products in the right concentration and frequency, and that it will always be easy for them to procure if ever they run out.

G: What do you think about the grooming practices of Filipinos?

J: Filipinos are known to have good hygiene and grooming practices. But I also believe that there is still a stigma with regards to Filipino men using skincare products. And this is precisely what Camou wants to break—that using products for skincare and grooming is not an option but should be a normal part of daily hygiene and grooming.

G: What one must-have Camou product you’d endorse to men?

J: It’s the Mattifying Sunstick for me. But for those who are a little bit more courageous in trying tinted products, the Tinted Moisturizer also has an SPF and it will cover light blemishes as well.

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G: Any advice to guys who like to start his own grooming journey?

J: First, identify what your skincare. You can begin with using sunscreen daily and build up your skincare routine from there. Choose products that are easy and convenient to use, and products that will have multiple benefits. Adapt a regimen that would fit your lifestyle because skincare is a journey and results will show and last only if you are consistent with your routine.

G: What’s next for Camou for men?

J: Additional products for facial and hair care are the things that our current consumers are asking for, and these are the products that we are also currently formulating so we can provide for these needs. Rest assured, upcoming products will stay within our core values. The items will be simple, easy, effective, and accessible for everyone who needs it.

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