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How to get in shape the Teddi Avelino way

How to get in shape the Teddi Avelino way

This Garage Young Talent relies on dancing to keep himself in shapeplus some good old moves on a couple of gym machines too. Find out the details of Teddi Avelino’s fitness game, from what he eats to his current workout routine to what gives him that necessary pressure to keep going.

Are there any fitness goals you’re currently working on?
Being fit for me is more of a lifestyle and a routine than a one-time goal.

So how frequently do you work out in a week?
I have my morning routinessimple push-ups and crunchesbefore I get into the shower. I also hit the gym thrice a week. When I have projects coming in, I put in more work and try to work out every day of the week except on Sundays, since I already have dance classes then. I take my dance classes as my core/cardio sessions.

What’s your non-dance workout like?
My home routine includes a lot of ab workouts as they don’t require heavy equipment. I start with crunches then sit-ups, some knee tucks, toe taps, and leg raises, and then planks. At home, I have my own set of pull-up bars and an ab wheel to twist things up, but that’s about it; everything else, I do at the gym.

What time do you prefer to work out?
I like to fire up my day with a good workout. It keeps me productive and energetic the entire day.

How do you warm up?
I either do stretching while still at home or do cardio on the treadmill to help me get all warmed up. Playing some really good music also helps to set my mood

So can you break down what you actually do in the gym?
I always do three sets of a combination, but after a number of weeks, I change the combination and work my way around the gym.  Doing different things helps me maintain my motivation and keeps my effort high. And much like every guy out there, my favorite workouts work on my chest and triceps.

3 x 15 reps of bench press

3 x 20 reps of dips

3 x 10 reps of incline dumbbell fly

3 x 10 reps of decline dumbbell fly

3 x 20 reps of cable cross-over and standing cable flies

3 x 15 reps of rope push-down

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How long does your workout usually take?
Only about 30 minutes to an hour. A short but highly intense routine can gain better results than slow or interrupted workouts.

What’s your cool-down routine like?
It involves a good amount of fluid intake to maintain hydration and some post-workout stretches

What are your pre- and post-workout foods?
Since most times I work out in the morning, I eat my breakfast after. My most common go-to breakfast is avocado on whole-grain bread with a sunny side-up eggeasy to pack and already includes fiber, good fats, and protein.

What keeps you motivated while working out?
Having people follow my fitness journey and get motivated by my daily routine gives me the necessary pressure to keep  going.

So what’s you’re usual reward to yourself for all of your hard work?
I give in to my cravings during the weekend so when the week resets, I have five days to burn the carbs.


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