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This shoe care brand will pamper your sneakers like no other

This shoe care brand will pamper your sneakers like no other

Rems guarantees to keep your sneakers clean and soles fresh

Have you experienced washing your white shoes only to find out they’re no longer white after they’ve dried up? Those yellow streaks left behind by improper washing are annoying, to say the least. After countless washing repetitions, searching Google for answers, and using toothpaste to try and salvage the damage, you’re just left with sore hands and oxidized sole. 

This same sentiment was shared by athlete turned entrepreneur, Remo Bugarin. “As a former athlete, I was always in love with sneakers,” said Remo, founder of Rems. “I always want my kicks clean, and I’ve used shoe cleaners that were on the Philippines market back in the day, but mostly I used household cleaning products such as toothpaste, detergents, or bleach.”

Remo confessed that the techniques he used to do were hit or miss, so when he realized there was no reliable and quality homegrown shoe care brand in the Philippines, he decided to put up a shoe cleaning service back in 2016. 

“You can send your dirty shoes to us or have it picked-up and we will clean it for you. If you’re a sneakerhead, you would understand why you want to keep and sustain the brand new condition of your sneakers because different materials would require different cleaning methods and if you don’t clean it correctly, the result will be damaging,” said the former track athlete. 

Aside from the cleaning service Rems provide, they also offer cleaning products that sneakerheads can buy and test for themselves. Rems produces shoe cleaning products like the Absolute Solution Shoe Cleaner, which is a stain remover; Foam Shoe Cleaner, which you can bring on-the-go; and Sole Revitalizer to keep your white sneakers from yellowing. 

Rems’ products also boast sustainability as they avoid harsh chemicals on their products. “We have been formulating our products to avoid harsh chemicals since 2016. Natural ingredients such as coconut and jojoba oils are used instead. Now, we’re still updating our packaging and ingredients to be more eco-friendly while exceeding our past performance in the market,” mused Remo. 

The products Rems offer do not limit to rubber shoes alone. They can also be used on leather, suede, nylon, and canvas. “We’re extremely excited and proud of our campaign ‘Never stop evolving’ which was launched on April 30, 2022. We are also taking a closer look at how we can be better—not only from a sustainability standpoint but as an organization overall. We have a lot of amazing things coming up and hopefully we can get more distributors and different collaboration projects with other brands,” said Remo. 

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If you’re looking into buying all the necessary tools and products to keep your footwear on tip-top shape, Rems offers an all-in-one kit which include Absolute Solution Stain Remover, Sole Revitalizer, Foam Cleaner, Shoe Clean, three shoe brushes with different bristle types, pouch, and microfiber towel for only P1,500. 

For more FAQs about Rems, you can visit their website.

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