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Here’s one local brand with a one-fits-all mantra

Here’s one local brand with a one-fits-all mantra

Garage chats with the founder and designer of the shape- and shade-friendly fashion label Suot

A lot of people say the Filipino language is beyond beautiful, profound and all-encompassing in more ways than one could imagine. Just like our “niya”, “siya”, “sila” that are all-embracing, this local cozy wear brand is quite similar. Meet Suot, a clothing brand for every shape and shade.

Karl Guerra, the owner and designer of Suot, explains how the brand was conceived. “I was into handcrafting accessories at the time and also wanted to make clothes that were oversized enough for my taste as this was challenging to find in our local market,” he shares. “I figured I could sell these to friends and that made me come up with the idea of starting a brand. I chose the name Suot because it’s such a general term for anything someone would wear: necklaces, shirts, hats, wallet chains, the list goes on. I didn’t want to limit which pieces I could make.”

The designer not only focused his brand on the idea of an inclusive apparel approach but also made sure that the collection carries well-tailored, breathable, and comfortable clothing.

Garage chatted with Karl to learn more about Suot and how the brand aims to share its core values one apparel at a time. Read through our conversation below: 

What’s the concept behind your brand? 

Honestly, I find making the same item of clothing in multiple sizes a hassle. I believe anyone could wear anything if they’re comfortable with it. Suot is for every shape and shade.

One of the pieces that caught our eye is your patterned vest. Can you talk about that particular piece?

I wanted to make a layering garment that was functional but didn’t look like your everyday vest so I played around with asymmetry. What resulted was the patterned vest which is in fact my favorite piece so far.

Can you walk us through your latest collection? 

[We] launched our latest collection in the summer so I chose breathable linen blend fabric. Suot’s theme has always been comfort and ease, and that translates into the pieces which were part of the collection, namely the Combo Tee v2, Drawstring Pants, and Drawstring Shorts.

What are you most proud of about the brand?

I’m most proud of the feedback I get from clients saying how much they like the quality and comfort of the designs. Super grateful for the support the brand is continuously getting.

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How would you typically style Suot?

Wear it however you like. That’s it.

What can we look forward to from the brand? 

[We will be] releasing a linen blend set (oversized SS shirt and drawstring round pants) in multiple colors. An accessory I mentioned in one of the questions above is in the works too. Finally, some denim and corduroy pieces are planned as well. Everything is made slow and steady so feel free to check out our socials for updates.

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