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Revel Tee Co. celebrates life victories one tee at a time

Revel Tee Co. celebrates life victories one tee at a time

Get to know this lifestyle brand co-founded by two teenagers

Garage has always admired young talents in the fashion and retail industries. This lifestyle brand we’re getting to know more about was started by two teens back in 2017. The line grew to a full-fledged streetwear and lifestyle label offering tees, beanies, bags, hoodies, lighter, and a whole lot of good time. 

Revel Tees Co. was co-founded by Mykee Jofet Rojas and Chelseah Hilary Ongsee at the age of 18 and 17, respectively. Before becoming friends and business partners a couple of years back, their love for fashion, clothes, and style in general have ignited a passion. “I was able to personalize and produce varsity jackets and t-shirts to sell to my friends for extra money when I was in grade six, while Seah enjoyed collecting shoes and has had a sense of style when it comes to her attire,” Mykee shared. 

With free spirits and good vibes to match, Revel, with its ethos of enjoying life, was born. The brand aims to be worn by people who are fond of celebrating and enjoying life. “Seah and I both enjoy celebrating tiny victories. This is what makes us happy,” Mykee added. 

With two physical stores located at The Neighborhoodgoods (Cebu), and Stockroom Philippines (Bangkal, Makati City), Revel’s 60K followers on Instagram is proof that the brand is thriving. 

Mykee walked us through the work processes and inspirations for Revel. She also let us in on a new venture, which is a coffee shop. Read our chat below:

Can you tell us about your year-ender tee? What’s the inspiration for this?

Year-ender t-shirts represent the entire collection for the year. This is a legacy item that people can remember us by.

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What’s your most popular collection so far?

Our most popular collection to date is our Hoodies Collection, which features motivational slogans to remind our community that anyone can achieve the seemingly impossible. Our community members should keep inspiring themselves as they achieve success.

Who designs the merchandise? 

We hire a graphic designer to explain our ideas. Seah and I come up with all the ideas and concepts. 

What is your brand goal in the near future?

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Our main goal is to convey a message through our design. Our dream as a brand is to be part of the international community that can compete with international brands as a local brand.

Can you expound more on your catch-phrases “Made by Simple People?” and “I’d rather be tired than broke?” 

We started developing the brand at the age of 17. For us, our slogan is “Made by Simple People.” Success does not know an age limit. We also believe that “it’s better to be tired than broke.” Life is too short. You are wasting time on earth when you do nothing to succeed. You should be tired rather than broke.

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Are you planning to extend your merchandise more this 2022?

There is a coffee shop named “Kenny Beans Cafe by Revel Tees Co.” We hope we can turn more branches into coffee and merchandise flagship stores this year.

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