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Who is Anita Max Wynn?

Who is Anita Max Wynn?

Here’s what we know about the viral catchphrase

Just like the popular catchphrase “mekus mekus,” there is a new word that has been making waves, especially on TikTok. It’s Anita Max Wynn and it has become quite popular among celebrities, influencers, and netizens.

To explain the trend, people should dub the iconic words, “this is my alter ego, Anita Max Wynn,” while posing with a flower filter. To give you an example, actor Joshua Garcia recently did this trend.

@iam.joshuagarcia ANITA MAX WYNN!!! #foryoupage #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound – 🫠

But who is Anita Max Wynn and how did it all start? Here’s what we know so far.

Anita Max Wynn was actually coined by Canadian rapper and singer Drake. He introduced it during a livestream in December 2023, where he playfully said, “Ladies and gentle hands, this is my alter ego, Anita Max Wynn.”

@lagreatnessball ANITAAA MAXX WYNNN 🤪🔥 #ineedthemaxwin #drake #lagreatnessball #fyp #relatable #viral ♬ original sound – IShowGreatness

He even showed a cap with a picture of a cartoon character with an orange bob haircut, eyeglasses, a striped blazer, and a yellow shirt and ribbon.

Another thing is, it was inspired by Drake’s love for “winning” and playing games on social media, cryptocurrency, and gambling.

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In fact, it is a play on words because if you read the catchphrase Anita Max Wynn slowly, it says “I need a max win,” which is a well-known term for players.

After the original video became popular, many music creators started editing and adding their own twists to the sound, and it quickly spread on TikTok. And it’s not just a sound anymore, because fans can now purchase Drake’s famous Anita Max Wynn hat on online stores.

Now that you know the meaning behind this TikTok craze, would you try it?

Featured image source: Drake’s Instagram

Story by Alex Quino

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