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Here’s what the ‘red dot’ signifies on your Levi’s jeans

Here’s what the ‘red dot’ signifies on your Levi’s jeans

Tracing its roots to exquisite Japanese craftsmanship

Levi’s, a heritage brand known for pieces passed down through generations, stands as a testament to timeless style and enduring quality. With a commitment to sturdy craftsmanship, there are vintage Levi’s pieces still making a statement today.

As a consumer immersing yourself in a brand with such a rich history, curiosity naturally arises about the intricacies of how these iconic pieces are crafted and what sets them apart from other jeans in the market. 

During a preview of Levi’s Philippines’ summer 2024 collection, one particular line piqued our interest – the Made in Japan line.

Crafted with materials from the renowned Hiroshima-based Kaihara Denim Mill, the Made in Japan pieces are not only synonymous with quality but also embody strength and style. 

Kaihara, tracing its origins back to 1893, initially specialized in handwoven, indigo-dyed fabric. Evolving into an award-winning company, it has become a global leader in denim, boasting the largest share of the denim market in Japan and partnering with Levi’s to produce the most exquisite selvedge denim pieces.

These pieces feature a distinctive red dot on the inner label, which draws inspiration from the “hinomaru,” or the circle of the sun in Japanese culture, symbolizing Japan’s national flag. 

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In addition to this, the Made in Japan patch on the back of the jeans, presented in black, further signifies the premium quality. Even the tab on the back pocket, typically red, takes on an indigo hue for the Japan Made pieces. 

So, the next time you spot these elements, rest assured that the pieces are exquisitely crafted from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Explore some of the Levi’s Made in Japan summer 2024 collection below:

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