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Project Runway: Local designers produce PPE and here’s how you can help

Project Runway: Local designers produce PPE and here’s how you can help

As the need to test for COVID-19 grows in the country, so is the need for PPEs for our front-liners. We salute the local designers, together with the sewers, who have teamed up to help against the spread of COVID-19. A lot of these designers have raised funds to produce medical-grade PPEs, and since we are stronger together, they are asking for our support and donations to produce more. Learn about how we can help these designers continue production

Through the initiatives of Yong Davalos, Jill Lao, Jot Losa, Rob Ortega, Steph Tan, Andrea Tetangco, Daryl Maat, Debbie Co, Vina Romero, Bessie Basana, and Rosenthal Tee, Fashion for Frontliners has produced an initial 8,000 PPEs, costing PHP400 each, the lowest in the market so far. Stay tuned to their social media accounts for the next round of donations.

Mich Dulce with Rj Santos led the drive for the Manila Protective Gear Sewing Club. Kendi Maristela and Aj Dimarucot developed a PPE pattern which was turned into an open source. The group is still looking for material and fabric donations, which can be made through Cynthia Diaz, who can be contacted at 09178662496.

Michael Leyva started with creating washable face masks, and providing food for medical and military front-liners. After this, the designer moved into full-on protection complete with head covers. He did not only thank front-liners who have been risking their lives for the safety of everyone, but also his team members for their dedication and willingness to help.

Rajo Laurel has raised more than half a million, and is still continuing to raise money for his company to continually produce PPEs. The House of Laurel was able to donate PPEs and surgical gowns from hospitals in Bataan to Cebu. Here are the details for donations.

Patty Ang has also continued to produce protective garments for front-liners. Take a look at her and her team’s effort to help out against COVID-19 transmission.

See this Go Get Funding link to help Puey Quinones make more PPEs for our front-liners.

Mak Tumang has used his platform to ask for help in raising funds for 40,000 pieces of PPE. The designer’s friends and supporters did not fail him. Through all the efforts of everyone involved, his team was able to order 5,000 more. In effect, a total of 45,000 pieces of PPE will be distributed in various hospitals because of Mak’s contribution.

Santi Obcena has created reusable face masks using spare materials from eco bags, umbrellas, excess cotton, and garters. These face masks will be distributed to medical front-liners. The designer has also shared a prototype for those who want to produce on their own. Here’s how:


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Amina Aranaz and her team are helping flatten the curve by making face masks for several groups and organizations. Take a look here:

Krizia Jimenez, an alumna of SoFA Design Institute, has been creating improvised face shields. She was able to make 400 pieces, which are now being used in PGH. You can contact the young designer through her Instagram handle if you’re interested to help.

Renan Pacson has also been making efforts to stop the virus from spreading in Nueva Ecija. He started making masks for his sister and workmates who work for a bank, and now he needs help and donations to create more. Here’s how you can help.


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