Now Reading’s Xupermask brings sweet tunes to your protective gear game’s Xupermask brings sweet tunes to your protective gear game

Would you wear this Bluetooth speaker-face mask hybrid?

Musician and entrepreneur brings a musical twist to the face mask with his Xupermask, a hybrid of the pandemic essential and a Bluetooth speaker. A collaboration with Honeywall, this innovative face mask is the Black Eyed singer’s latest foray to technology. 

“My interest in all things tech and future tech started in elementary school,” tells Honeywell. “Flash forward, the way I make music is intertwined with technology.”

His love for new technology is evident with his Xupermask. With the new product, wants to address tiny, but troublesome, issues people are experiencing while wearing the face masks. Things like eyeglasses fogging up, the hot and stuffy feeling, muffled talking, and earpods and earphones getting dislodged or tangled up.

Among the many bells and whistles of the now sold out high-tech mask are its dual three-speed fan, HEPA filters, noise canceling audio, Bluetooth connectivity, LED lights, earbuds, and microphone. Its battery life lasts up to seven hours and it comes with adjustable straps. 

Matching its features is its façade. Adding a futuristic style is Jose Fernandez, the costume designer behind Elon Musk’s SpaceX suits. Of course, a sleek piece comes with a price. The Xupermask retails for $299, in our case, that’s around P15,000 (sighs).

“It’s going to be a long time before the world returns to anything that resembles the old normal,” the musician says. “Our new normal, while the world continues to battle the virus and get the majority of people around the globe vaccinated, is to continue to include wearing masks. Gathering in public places, like sports stadiums, movie theaters, concerts and air travel will continue to be ‘mask up territory.'”

Photo from Honeywell

Text by John Legaspi

This article first appeared in Manila Bulletin.

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