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This face mask is stylish, sustainable, and self-sanitizing

This face mask is stylish, sustainable, and self-sanitizing

U-Mask is not just a fashion statement but a face mask with a cause 

U-Mask is a biotechnology company born in Italy back in 2015, which initially produced anti-pollution masks. With the spike of COVID-19, the company has dedicated itself to upgrade to masks that are effective in fighting off the virus with values centering on sustainability.  

One of the star products from the line is the U-Mask Model 2.2 Jeans, which is a reusable face mask that features Biolayer technology that counteracts the passage of external microorganisms and neutralizes them for up to 200 hours of respiratory use. The mask also sports a sustainable outer made of 100 percent regenerated nylon from scraps of ocean and plastic waste, and four filtration layers which are completely non-toxic. 

U-Mask has also been designed to fit well on the face, making it extremely comfortable even when worn for prolonged periods. It features a nose strip that prevents the mask from sliding.

Aside from its sustainability efforts, U-Mask has also committed itself to better air quality by donating a U-Earth Aircel air purifier to hospitals to help in the fight against COVID-19 for each U-Mask purchased. 

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Adding to its efforts in solving COVID-19 concerns, U-Mask also helps fight HIV which you can read here.  

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