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Young Talents 2017: Michelle Dee

Young Talents 2017: Michelle Dee

Known for: Her runway and billboard work Bench

I saw my first modeling billboard… “During a morning drive along C5, when I least expected it. I may be signed with Bench, but a lot of people are too, so I didn’t think I’d get a billboard so soon. The modeling opportunity fell onto my lap: I accompanied my mom [beauty queen and actress Melanie Marquez] to Cebu to a show she would be judging, and there, I was seated next to [Bench senior stylist] Noel Manapat. He then invited me to do a Bench show and soon after, the brand offered to sign me.”

My first loves, though, were… “Basketball and volleyball. I played center for both of them —center blocker and spiker for volleyball. I grew up in a ranch, did a lot of ranch work, and I loved horses. That was my first taste of adrenaline, followed by the one I later got from sports. I tried out for the varsity team and I got in, becoming a member of the swimming, softball, basketball, and volleyball teams. I’m very competitive, but mostly with myself. I want to be my own best version.”

My go-to diet is… “Very low in carbs but high in protein. Before a shoot, if it’s on a short notice, I do a fast and eat only fruits. If there’s enough time before a project, I follow the Paleo and Atkins diets. I try to do things the healthier way, because I still love steak. I love cooking chicken, pasta, and pizza, and I get good comments about my red velvet cakes and cupcakes. Now that I’m working as a model, just imagine my struggle with food.”

My role model is… “My mom, for how she prioritizes her family over work while still able to make time for her professional responsibilities. She inspires me to know my priorities.”

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In five years… “I see myself walking the Victoria’s Secret runway. Think big, right?”

Photographed by Rxandy Capinpin. Videographer: Samuel Abad.

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