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Young Talents 2017: Jason Santos

Young Talents 2017: Jason Santos

Known for:
Bringing future beats to Ride Revolution Shangri-la Plaza Mall as a spinning instructor

My first love was… “Competitive sports. I played for my high school’s basketball team. Before that, I was into water sports. But in college, I took up B.S. Biology so I couldn’t play for my college team anymore, and that was how I got into weight-lifting. Then a good friend invited me to try indoor cycling — and I got addicted. Within a year, Ride Revolution invited me to try out to become an indoor cycling instructor.”

In spin class, I like playing… “Future beats like Flume and Odeja, ‘90s R&B and hip-hop, and electro pop. I always play ‘Love You Down’ by INOJ. I’m not an EDM fan, though. It’s hard for me to ride, much more teach with pop music.”

My role models are… “Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps because of what they do and how driven and disciplined they are. They developed their own routine for their particular sport, which made me idolize them more.”

Before playing ball or getting on the stationary bike… “I watch random videos of Bolt’s and Phelps’ routines; they help me perform. I also listen to hip-hop to pump me up.”

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My most embarrassing moment as a spin teacher was… “Getting off the bike while I was [still] teaching. It doesn’t sound embarrassing, but in spinning, you wear cleats for the bike pedal. I accidentally got thrown off the bike because I got too hyped, and as an instructor, I have to be in control of the whole room. Everybody in class saw me fall off, but I turned it into a teacher moment. ‘This is what happens when you don’t put up your resistance!’”

Photographer: Rxandy Capinpin. Videographer: Samuel Abad.

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