wildasovich Funny, irreverent, and an all-around nice guy: this was the Wil Dasovich we got to know when we interviewed him for our November 2016 issue. He’s kept the same upbeat and positive attitude despite revealing in his latest vlog that he’s battling cancer.


In the video uploaded on August 24, Dasovich says, “It’s not the years in your life, but the life in your years that count.” And he’s doing just that: traveling all over Asia and then deciding to stay in the Philippines for a year and then some, learning his mother’s native language (Dasovich is half-Filipino), and being a part of a grand adventure that’s taken him to places and allowed him to meet countless people, all of whom have touched him in one way or another.

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On Dasovich’s birthday, and as he embarks on this rather difficult journey, we wish him the best and all the strength to overcome the challenges ahead of him. #F*ckCancer, and may you have many more birthdays and wild adventures in the years to come.