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Damaged skin barrier? This reparative cream is your new bestie

Damaged skin barrier? This reparative cream is your new bestie

Drunk Elephant launches its thickest, richest cream to date

Too much sun exposure, laser treatments, acids in skincare, and hormonal changes—these are just a few reasons why our skin can become compromised. A damaged skin barrier can manifest as redness, peeling, sensitivity, breakouts, and dryness. When nothing seems to work, it’s necessary to step back, assess the problem’s root cause, and address it through thorough research, especially concerning the products we apply to our body’s largest organ.

If your skin has endured such traumas and has become dry and flaky, one solution is a moisturizer rich in ceramides, which restore and repair the skin barrier. Ceramides are lipid molecules crucial for skin health. While these lipids naturally occur in our bodies, they can decline with age, slowing down the skin’s recovery process.

To address damaged skin barriers and replenish lost lipids due to aging, Tiffany Masterson, the founder of Drunk Elephant, created the newest addition to her skincare brand: the Bora Barrier Repair Cream. This moisturizer features a six-butter lipid complex—a reparative formula that nourishes and restores the skin barrier with glucosyl ceramides, soothing beta-sitosterols, and zinc and copper salt minerals. These ingredients promote the natural synthesis of healthy collagen, vital lipids, and hyaluronic acid, enhancing elasticity, soothing the skin, and supporting healthy barrier function.

This super-rich cream also promises 24-hour deep moisturization without irritation, aligning with Drunk Elephant’s ethos of avoiding essential oils, dyes, fragrance, alcohol, silicones, chemical sunscreens, and Sodium lauryl sulfate, also known as “The Suspicious 6.”

Like other Drunk Elephant products, this moisturizer can be used alone or alongside others to create a skincare cocktail. For a powerful mask, it can be mixed with Wonderwild Miracle Butter and F-Balm to deeply hydrate and strengthen the skin barrier.

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So the next time your skin is feeling sensitive and reactive, try avoiding active ingredients and focus on calming down and creating a healthier, stronger skin barrier.

You can purchase the Bora Barrier Repair Cream at

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