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Discover Aesop’s nuanced perfumes through their unique Fragrance Armoire

Discover Aesop’s nuanced perfumes through their unique Fragrance Armoire

The brand elevates the experience by offering a personalized fragrance consultation

The perception of fragrance notes varies greatly depending on the individual experiencing them. Hence, when delving into the realm of fragrance, whether it hails from a renowned designer or a niche artisan, we often give vivid imagery of the essence it exudes, beyond merely dissecting its compositional notes. 

Committing to a fragrance is no easy task, especially when one comprehends the profound power perfumes wield, particularly through memory. True engagement in a scent can only be achieved by wearing it upon one’s skin and garments, and only by soaking in your own scent bubble will you finally decide whether you like the fragrance or not.

Aesop’s fragrances were originally conceived to complement the brand’s existing line of body care products. The fragrance line then evolved to encompass a diverse range of unconventional and nonconformist scents, spurred by demand from aficionados. Collaborating with distinguished French perfumers Barnabé Fillion and Céline Barel, the brand birthed a collection of perfumes with uniquely captivating aromas. 

Presently, Aesop’s eaux de parfum catalog comprises 10 distinct fragrances with floral, fresh, woody, and opulent classifications. The core collection includes Marrakech Intense, Tacit, Hwyl, and Rozu. Meanwhile, the Otherthopias collection unveils Miraceti, Karst, Erémia, Eidesis, Gloam, and Ouranon, each offering a sensorial journey into realms both familiar and fantastical.

Gloam, evoking twilight’s tranquility, enchants with its floral bouquet of orange flower, jasmine, iris, and patchouli, while Rozu encapsulates the essence of a Japanese rose garden, with shiso and guaiacwood infusing a romantic appeal. For fragheads seeking freshness intertwined with crisp herbaceousness, Erémia’s citrusy notes of yuzu and grapefruit harmonize seamlessly with the verdant essence of fresh-cut grass and grounding patchouli. Tacit presents a verdant symphony of basil and citrus, while Karst transports one to coastal cliffsides, evocative with the tangy and salty hint of juniper and sea salt. 

Enthusiasts of woody, smoky, and spicy accords will find solace in Marrakech Intense, an olfactory ode to Moroccan souks and spice-laden dishes, while Hwyl beckons with the ancient allure of Japan’s Hinoki forests, where earthy moss intertwines with ethereal frankincense. Eidesis, infused with warm peppery notes and hints of cumin and sandalwood, and Miraceti, marrying warm spices with marine accents, offer further explorations into aromatic realms. Ouranon, the sixth fragrance in the Otherthopias collection, evokes an earthy, resinous ambiance, with myrrh, frankincense, and sandalwood, similar to passing through a shadowy forest covered in incense-laden mist.

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Aesop’s Infusion Chamber

Numerous niche fragrance houses have devised their unique ways for patrons to acquaint themselves with their offerings. In the Philippines, Aesop provides an intimate one-on-one consultation, enabling customers to deeply engage with each of their creations. It starts with a consultant inquiring about fragrance profiles you’re drawn to and a walkthrough about the inspirations and notes of the fragrance follows. In select stores, Aesop elevates the fragrance consultation experience with its Fragrance Armoire, featuring a unique Infusion Chamber—a glass case where customers can hang their coat or scarf. Here, the chosen fragrance is spritzed in the air, allowing the piece of garment to soak in the fragrance for a few seconds. This immersive counter allows patrons to envelop themselves in the fragrance, ensuing a more intimate and informed decision-making process even after they leave the store. 

Buying perfume can be overwhelming at times, especially if you’re testing out different fragrances all at once. This is why we highly recommend diligent research about the brand and fragrance, confident inquiry during consultations, and wearing the chosen scent throughout the day to establish compatibility before committing to a purchase.

If you want to experience Aesop’s Fragrance Armoire, this store feature is available at SM Aura Premier in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

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