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Niche fragrance house Ormonde Jayne introduces ‘Arabesque’

Niche fragrance house Ormonde Jayne introduces ‘Arabesque’

House founder Linda Pilkington visits Manila to present the fragrance

Most Manileños might be hearing about Ormonde Jayne for the first time, but rest assured, this house is set to leave a lasting impression. Ormonde Jayne is a niche fragrance brand that began as a scented candle line created by Linda Pilkington in London in 2000. The brand’s initial offerings were candles supplied to Chanel and Burberry, before they expanded their range to include perfumes, room sprays, bathing oils, and body creams.

Ormonde Jayne prides itself on maintaining a commitment to perfectionism. They infuse their oils for months before filtration, resulting in a deeper and more complex scent. They insist on investing in perfumes with a minimum of 25 percent concentrated oils, setting high standards and challenging convention.

One of the house’s most popular lines is “Four Corners of the Earth,” which pays tribute to the diverse and inspirational world of London. This line was born from the spirit of each region, as London is an ever-changing city that embraces every culture.

“Four Corners of the Earth” comprises five main fragrances: “Qi,” drawing inspiration from the Chinese people’s appreciation for the lightest and most delicate scents; “Montabaco Verano,” capturing the essence of Latin America; “Nawab of Oud,” inspired by India’s historical rulers; “Sakura,” blooming from the Japanese tradition of Hanami; and the latest addition, “Arabesque,” inspired by the enchanting and mystical Middle East.

The founder of the brand has only high praises for the latest inspiration. “This is one of my favorite parts of the world, as I’m totally hooked on visiting interesting and ancient souks,” shared Linda. “It allows my imagination to run wild.”

With an amberesque and gourmand style of fragrance, “Arabesque” opens with blackcurrant, Italian bergamot, black pepper, and saffron. The heart of the fragrance features rose and jasmine absolute, while the base notes include musk, moss, patchouli, and oud.

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This fragrance is a harmonious blend of flowers, fruits, and woods interwoven with Islamic art. It’s heart of rose and jasmine absolute creates an interplay of serenity, while the patchouli and oud give the fragrance a transportive effect to a mesmerizing and sultry realm.

Available in 88ml and 120ml sizes, Ormonde Jayne’s “Arabesque” is now offered at Art of Scent.

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