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Rejuran, the skin treatment going viral on Tiktok, makes its debut in the Philippines

Rejuran, the skin treatment going viral on Tiktok, makes its debut in the Philippines

Would you ever try DNA fragments of wild salmon to address skin concerns?

There’s a trending procedure on TikTok that claims to address major skin concerns. The real question is, would you consider using DNA fragments from the testes of wild salmon on your skin?

Our first encounter with Rejuran was through TikTok, where numerous creators have been showcasing their impressive before-and-after results. Excited to learn more about this discovery, we gladly accepted an invitation from The Beauty Edit to explore this groundbreaking treatment further.

On Sept. 19, 2023, Rejuran was officially launched in Manila. This South Korean product harnesses polynucleotides (PN) derived from DNA fragments sourced from the testes of wild salmon, offering natural rejuvenation for youthful and healthy skin delivered by highly biocompatible PN through fine needles.

Rejuran specifically targets concerns such as wrinkle reduction, pore minimization, pigmentation correction, and scar improvement post-surgery. It also stimulates collagen production to counteract thinning and aging-related skin damage. Furthermore, these fragments provide enhanced skin elasticity and deep hydration.

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Rejuran also claims that this procedure is the safest aesthetic treatment that functions to improve the skin’s own regenerating capabilities. If you’re curious to learn more about Rejuran, let the following frequently asked questions shed light on this innovative treatment. Keep reading below.

How often is the treatment required?

Rejuran differs from conventional filler or laser treatments. It operates by activating the skin’s natural regenerative ability to restore its own collagen structure and enhance skin elasticity. This means a course of four treatments is recommended, with intervals of two to three weeks between sessions, followed by a treatment every six months to maintain healthy skin.

Which part of the skin benefits the most from this treatment?

For optimal results, it’s advisable to treat the entire face rather than focusing solely on the eye area.

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Does the treatment have any side effects?

Rejuran primarily restores the skin without any adverse effects. It is also entirely safe and effective for areas that may be challenging to treat with hyaluronic acid fillers or toxins.

Is the treatment safe if other dermal filler procedures have been performed previously?

This depends on the type of dermal filler or injectable used. Rejuran can be administered in combination with dermal fillers, as immune-related reactions have rarely been reported.

For further inquiries, you can contact the following clinics in Manila that offer Rejuran:

– Skin Inc.
– Aivee Clinic
– Luminisce
– R Skin Clinic
– Skin 101
– HOO (House of Obagi)
– M Skin Centre
– CSA Medical Aesthetics
– Novel Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgicenter
– Wilson & Ayache Clinic

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