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LOOK: This night serum repairs UV damage accumulated during the day

LOOK: This night serum repairs UV damage accumulated during the day

Anessa introduces a groundbreaking product targeting sun damage

We already know the importance of sunscreen in protecting our skin from sun damage whenever we expose ourselves to harmful rays. However, factors like water, pollution, sweat, and the challenges of reapplying sunscreen can leave us with minimal protection, resulting in sun damage. To address this, Anessa introduces a first for the brand: a sun care night serum that repairs UV-exposed skin as we sleep.

Anessa’s Night Suncare Serum is an all-in-one treatment for the entire body that helps brighten and improve skin texture. The product features niacinamide, which suppresses the generation of melanin responsible for dark spots, and D-glutamate, which aids in repairing the skin barrier. This serum also offers 12-hour moisturization thanks to plant extracts of aloe vera, Angelica keiskei, green tea, tormentil, and glycerin.

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The role of this suncare serum is not to replace your daytime sunscreen but to maintain skin health and clarity by working its magic overnight. Think of sunscreen as a shield and suncare as a repair system. This product can be applied after washing your face and can also be worn in the morning beneath your sun protection.

To learn more about this innovative product, visit Anessa’s website.

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