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LOOK: Best-selling Korean clean beauty brand now in the Philippines!

LOOK: Best-selling Korean clean beauty brand now in the Philippines!

Discover Round Lab’s award-winning skincare collections

You might already be familiar with this viral brand due to their popular sunscreen—a lightweight, non-greasy formula that leaves no white cast and spreads effortlessly: Round Lab’s Birch Moisturizing Sunscreen. But did you know that this Korean brand is one of the top-selling clean beauty brands in their region? Now, you don’t have to order from abroad to get your hands on their products because they have officially landed in the Philippines, available at Watson’s!

Round Lab is not just proud of their sunscreens; they also offer a wide range of products derived from various natural ingredients sourced from the sea, wind, and mountains of the picturesque Korean Peninsula.

As the brand launches in the Philippines, let us introduce you to their product lines and the origins of their ingredients.

Starting with the Pine Cica line from Yangyang, known for its scenic beauty, harmonizing mountains, seas, and rivers, this line features products with intensive calming and soothing properties. The range includes cleansers, pads, ampoules, creams, and masks.

From Ulleungdo and Dokdo Island comes the brand’s famous 1025 Dokdo toner, formulated with the deepest water ever used in skincare history. Besides this best-selling toner in Korea, this line includes cleansing oil, balm, gel, bubble foam, pads, ampoules, lotion, creams, gel masks, sunscreen, eye cream, and even mud packs and peeling gel, all perfect for sensitive skin.

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The world-famous Birch Juice Moisturizing Sunscreen with SPF50+ is celebrated as Korea’s number one sunscreen, having received multiple awards from Hwahae, Glowpick, and Olive Young. Infused with the sap of Inje’s Silver Birch Trees and Vita Hyaluronic Acid, it provides deep hydration for dewy and healthy skin. The Birch Juice line also includes cleansers, toners, moisturizers, ampoules, lotions, and sunscreens in creams, sticks, and cushion forms.

Containing extract of Sea Breeze Artemisia and Madecassoside from mugwort grown on Geomundo Island, where there is a fresh sea breeze, Round Lab’s Mugwort line consists of a cleanser, toner, serum, mask, and soothing gels to help calm irritated skin.

From Jeongseon comes the extract of homegrown black soybeans and ceramide ingredients that provide deep nourishment to the skin. Round Lab’s Soybean line includes a comprehensive range of skincare products clinically proven to provide deep nutrition and reinforce the skin barrier.

For a complete guide to Round Lab’s product lines, follow their Instagram.

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