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WATCH: Anthony Ramirez’s 15th anniversary extravaganza

WATCH: Anthony Ramirez’s 15th anniversary extravaganza

Unveiling a mesmerizing ‘Symphony of Feelings’

From humble beginnings as a self-taught artisan, Anthony Ramirez embarked on a journey with a passion for fashion and an innate creativity. Now, marking his 15th year in the industry, this maestro of design graced the runway with his opulent collection, “Symphony of Feelings,” a translation of emotions brought to life through 30 enchanting ensembles.

The grand presentation unfolded within the hallowed walls of an ancestral home nestled at the very heart of Quezon City last Oct 18. This location held a sacred space in Anthony’s heart, as history and modernity wove together in a tapestry of sophistication and familial affection, now transformed into his personal atelier.

The showcase was a harmonious blend of styles, featuring exquisite beading, ethereal draping, and fluid forms adorned with a kaleidoscope of soft and striking colors. For the finale, an exquisite diamond-encrusted bra worth a staggering P20 million took center stage, born from a harmonious collaboration with Viera Jewelry.

Anthony’s grand spectacle was graced by the industry’s most brilliant creative minds. The show was directed by Jackie Aquino, while the looks were curated by celebrity stylist Perry Tabora. For makeup and hairstyling, Jelly Eugenio, Anthea Bueno, Mark Qua, Paul Nebres, and Renz Pangilinan, joined forces to present the models in breathtaking splendor.

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As a cherished designer, Anthony’s show drew a personalities including the ever-iconic Vice Ganda, the enchanting Nadine Lustre, the stylish Chie Filomeno and Bianca Umali, the elegant Celeste Cortesi, and the esteemed Mayor Abby Binay.

Experience a glimpse of this sartorial symphony below.

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