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‘Find Fun Everywhere’ campaign will ignite your wanderlust

‘Find Fun Everywhere’ campaign will ignite your wanderlust

American Tourister introduces new luggage styles and fresh colorways

If you’ve been to the airport recently, you would have noticed that traveling is back in full force. When traveling, an essential part of having a good time is the peace of mind that your belongings are secured at all times.

This season, as traveling has become a part of everyone’s itinerary, the luggage brand is launching their #FindFunEverywhere campaign. It encourages everyone to explore beautiful destinations while finding fun everywhere with a trusted travel companion—an American Tourister luggage that travelers can rely on.

“More than just a phrase, #FindFunEverywhere is a mindset—a philosophy that encourages us to seek out excitement, laughter, and joy no matter where we are,” shares Michael Corpuz, American Tourister Philippines country manager. “It’s a reminder that even in the most ordinary moments, there is an opportunity for playfulness and discovery.”

The launch also includes the introduction of fresh styles and new colorways. The Frontec series, which features a laptop compartment and a USB port, is designed to make business travelers’ lives easier and more secure with additional partitions and double anti-theft protection.

For those who pack heavily, the Curio series offers an expandable function that accommodates all your necessities, whether it’s snacks or extra clothing. This series is also available in bright colors like coral, yellow, and lavender, ensuring it’s never out of sight in a busy terminal.

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For travelers seeking extra sturdy luggage for rough journeys, the Squasem series is made of durable Polypropylene (PP) materials, providing unparalleled resilience. It is also equipped with a DuoSaf security zipper that offers double protection against theft.

The fourth model, called Maxivo, features the PlentiVol packing system, which includes a shallow lid for ample yet organized and secure storage. It is available in colors such as jet black, petrol blue, forest green, and jester red, adding more style to anyone’s airport OOTD (Outfit of the Day).

To learn more about the collection and the “Find Fun Everywhere” campaign, visit their website.

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