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ICYMI: Here’s a recap of the ‘First Class: Exploring the World Through Wine’ event

ICYMI: Here’s a recap of the ‘First Class: Exploring the World Through Wine’ event

Attendees savored the flavors of Europe and the US, indulging in sips of prosecco and chardonnay

In April 2024, The Travel Club+, a leading travel and lifestyle brand, unveiled its flagship store at Shangri La Plaza in Mandaluyong City, offering a unique shopping experience. In addition to a diverse selection of products, the brand introduced a customization area and a cozy coffee corner for patrons to relax in. On May 31, 2024, the venue played host to a wine tasting affair in collaboration with Elevaj Wine Experts, treating loyal customers to a journey through the vineyards of Italy, France, and the US.

Leading the festivities were Oly Ruiz, a Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Level 3 expert, and Jackie Go, a certified expert from Elevaj Wine Experts holding a WSET 2 certification. The journey commenced in the Old World, with guests’ glasses filled with prosecco, followed by the robust flavors of Chianti, a perfect accompaniment to various dishes. Next, France took the spotlight with the refreshing Provence rosé, a beloved choice, succeeded by the luscious and dessert-friendly Monbazillac. Attendees also delighted in New World selections such as the versatile chardonnay and the rich cabernet sauvignon.

Hosts Oly Ruiz and Jackie Go

Oly also shared some insights on pairing wine with food, suggesting that local cuisine complements the wine being enjoyed. He encouraged attendees to include wine-producing regions in their travel itineraries to truly immerse themselves in local culture.

Delsey Paris bags and luggage

The Travel Club also showcased luggage from regions corresponding to the wines. Piquadro, an Italian brand, presented their lightweight PQ Lite luggage and fine leather goods, epitomizing Italian craftsmanship. Representing France, Delsey Paris showcased sophisticated and stylish travel essentials. For those valuing innovation and durability, Briggs & Riley from the US were highlighted as the ultimate travel companions.

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