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‘Superman: Legacy’ will headline David Corenswet and Rachel Brosnahan

‘Superman: Legacy’ will headline David Corenswet and Rachel Brosnahan

Meet our new Superman and Lois Lane

After weeks of screen tests with various candidates, the casting leads for director James Gunn’s “Superman: Legacy” has officially came to a close. To play the Man of Steel is David Corenswet, known for his breakout role in “Pearl,” “The Politician,” and the upcoming sequel to the 1995 film “Twister.” As for the role of the feisty reporter Lois Lane, they have chosen Rachel Brosnahan from “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.” Gunn confirmed the casting on Twitter.

“Superman: Legacy” will be Corenswet’s most significant role yet in his career. He worked with writer/director/producer Ryan Murphy in both “The Politician” and “Hollywood,” before going to HBO with David Simon’s limited series “We Own This City.” Last year, he played the key role of the Projectionist in director Ti West’s horror film, “Pearl.” He’s already been cast in “Twisters,” the upcoming sequel to the iconic ’90s movie “Twister,” and will appear alongside Natalie Portman in the upcoming series “Lady in the Lake.”

Aside from his looks being close to Superman, the 30-year-old’s charming energy makes him a natural fit to play Clark Kent. In fact, being Superman has always been a goal for him, referring to it as a dream role. “I just always felt like Superman was both underappreciated and over-simplified, and there was a lot of interesting stuff that could happen with it, but that’s all just in my mind.” he said in an interview back in 2020.

Brosnahan, meanwhile, is more well-known in the industry. She has already won an Emmy for “The Marvelous Mrs.” Maisel, which just wrapped up after five seasons. She’s also currently starring alongside Oscar Isaac in “The Sign” in Sidney Brustein’s Window on Broadway. We can expect Brosnahan’s Lois Lane to be something of a mix between her Maisel character and how Lois is presented in most of her comic depictions: a feisty reporter who can talk her way in and out of just about anything.

The two has actually shared a television series in “House of Cards,” where Brosnahan was a regular. But they didn’t quite crossed paths, as Corenswet appeared as guest in one episode in 2018 after Brosnahan was no longer in the show.

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For the DC movies reboot, Corenswet and Brosnahan were among the shortlist for the 2 main roles for some time; Corenswet auditioned for Clark Kent and Superman against Nicholas Hoult and Tom Brittney while Brosnahan was up against Emma Mackey and Phoebe Dynevor for the role of Lois Lane.

Superman: Legacy is scheduled to release in July 2025.

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