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Play detective with these thrilling whodunit movies

Play detective with these thrilling whodunit movies

Top three Lionsgate Play films to enjoy during this gloomy season

If you’re a fan of thriller movies, you’re familiar with how these films captivate audiences through puzzles, clues, and intriguing characters in their plots. Uncovering the motives and psychology behind criminal acts provides a satisfying and fulfilling experience.

This season, to help you beat the rainy-day blues, PLDT Home and Lionsgate Play are bringing the captivating world of mystery to Filipinos. PLDT Home customers can access the finest Hollywood and global content on Lionsgate Play for an exclusive rate of only P79 per month.

If you’re a thrill-seeker like us, here are our recommendations so you can don your thinking caps and unravel the mysteries of these titles on Lionsgate Play.

“The Rising”

“The Rising” is a British supernatural mystery told from the perspective of the murder victim. In this innovative mystery, Neve Kelly, portrayed by Clara Rugaard (known for “Press Play” and “I Am Mother”), discovers that she is dead. Now invisible to those she knows, Neve witnesses her own autopsy and finds a potential ally to help her uncover her killer.

As season one progresses, Neve seeks to determine if there are others like her and investigates a local myth with terrifying consequences and new evidence. The story delves into the darker aspects of the human psyche, exploring themes of justice, jealousy, revenge, and obsession.

“One Ranger”

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“One Ranger” is a heart-pounding action-thriller that combines British Intelligence and Texas Justice in this 2023 film starring Thomas Jane (known for “The Punisher” and “Deep Blue Sea”).

The film follows a highly skilled, gun-slinging Texas ranger as he tracks a bank robber across the desert and discovers that he’s an international terrorist intent on detonating a bomb in the heart of London. When the lawman’s partner is killed, he is recruited by a British intelligence agent and her boss to bring the outlaw to justice.


“Gray” is an upcoming mystery series on Lionsgate Play, featuring Rupert Everett from “My Best Friend’s Wedding” and Patricia Clarkson (known for “Sharp Objects” and “The Maze Runner”). Patricia plays CIA spy Cornelia Gray, who emerges from the shadows after 20 years in hiding and discovers a new mole within her old spy network.

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