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6 life lessons from ‘Zom 100: Bucket list of the Dead’

6 life lessons from ‘Zom 100: Bucket list of the Dead’

This movie is not your typical zombie apocalypse film

Are you overworked? Does your boss give you a hard time? Do you think you’re not living your life to the fullest? Well, this trending movie on Netflix might just inspire you, and get you out of a rut.

“Zom: 100 Bucket List of the Dead” is not your typical zombie apocalypse movie. This film is an adaptation from a famous Japanese manga, which gives a dose of positivity when things are not going your way. 

To give context, the main character, Akira Tendo (Eiji Akaso,) is an overworked employee who gets harassed by his boss. One day, the town he lives in gets overtaken by zombies and rather than worry about it, he gets more excited that he doesn’t have to go to work. With this, Akira comes up with a bucket list of 100 things he should accomplish before he becomes a zombie himself.

Without having training to survive zombies, positivity is one of Akira’s major weapons to survive and complete his bucket list. While doing so, we gathered a list of life lessons we learned from Akira whenever life throws lemons.

1.  Be more optimistic
As a dedicated employee, Akira was worried about being late rather than being eaten by zombies. Eventually, he realized that he doesn’t have to go to work because of the apocalypse. Just like Akira, having a rosy outlook helps us survive. For him, it made him focus on more important things, like his bucket list.

2. Find a friend
Two heads are better than one. No man is an island. Teamwork makes the dream work. All are true, and that’s how Akira, Kencho, and Shizuka worked out especially when it comes to survival. Getting by in life is easier when you have someone or some people to share your struggles with. The burden you carry may feel lighter when you’re not the only one carrying it.

3. Make time for self-care
Life’s problems can get overwhelming, that’s why it’s important to relax and recharge. Just like Akira and his friends, they found time to do stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) yoga and swim in a hot spring amidst the apocalypse. Knowing how to take a break from stressful situations is essential to keep headspace clear and help you put a restart button when your head gets clouded.

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4.  Do good, be good
“No good deed goes unpunished” may be true at times but so is good karma. Being kind comes naturally to Akira. He loves helping people and that keeps him determined. Being good is not always easy, but it’s a foolproof way to channel positive vibes. 

5. Find an inspiration
For Akira, it’s his crush that gives him motivation to finish the task at hand. It may be an office crush, a family member, a friend, or your future self. Having inspiration can instantly put a smile on our face and boost our motivation.

6. Make a list of goals
Akira created a bucket list to help him live his best life before he gets eaten by a zombie. Having a list of goals may put more pressure in life but it will be easier to focus on the more important things. A good way to begin is to start with a gratitude list.

For more life lessons, silly saves, and zombie gore, watch “Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead” only on Netflix.  

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