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Why ‘Blue Beetle’ will be highly relatable to Filipinos

Why ‘Blue Beetle’ will be highly relatable to Filipinos

Could he become our new favorite DC superhero?

You may have heard about the news of voice actor Inka Magnaye’s role in the upcoming DC movie, “Blue Beetle,” but there are many more reasons why this superhero film will resonate with Filipinos.

A brief background on the film: “Blue Beetle,” directed by Angel Manuel Soto, stars Xolo Maridueña as the title character, Jaime Reyes, a fresh college graduate who unexpectedly discovers an alien ancient relic called Scarab, possessing biotechnology.

As excitement for the movie builds, let us share how we believe Filipinos can relate not only to the superhero but also to the family ties portrayed in the film.

The movie’s tone is designed to be humorous, much like Mexicans, and similar to Filipinos, we often find humor in challenging situations, transcending difficulties and hardships.

Unlike other superhero movies where the hero keeps their secret identity hidden, “Blue Beetle” showcases the hero’s secret in front of the family. This resonates with Filipinos, as we deeply value family connections and support, making it difficult to keep secrets from our loved ones.

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In addition to the relatable aspects, movie-goers will also be treated to unique abilities displayed by the character of Jaime Reyes. The film introduces Palmera City, a new setting, similar to how “Superman” and “The Flash” have their respective Metropolis and Central City.

“Blue Beetle” is set to hit cinemas exclusively on Aug. 16.

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