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WATCH: How this iconic perfume gets ‘Reborn’

WATCH: How this iconic perfume gets ‘Reborn’

Davidoff runs a new Cool Water spinoff

When talking about oceanic fragrances, one scent that comes to mind is Davidoff Cool Water. This legendary fragrance may have been launched 30 years ago, but this is still one of the go-to lines of fragrance for enthusiasts who look for fresh and fool-proof scents.

This 2022, a new iteration of the scent emerges. Davidoff Cool Water presents Reborn—an erotic, sensual, and ultramodern form of unconfined masculine fragrance. For its 30th year, Reborn is created by three master perfumers: Anne Filipo, Nelly Hachem-Ruiz, and Jean-Christophe Herault. Anne was responsible for the base of the note which is Haitian vetiver, Nelly for the aromatic essence of rosemary, and Jean Christophe for the galbanum, which is the heart of the fragrance.

The revitalized formula is now aromatic, woody, and fresh, meeting Coty Clean standards. Reborn is 94 percent sourced from natural origins, it’s vegan, and created with naturally derived alcohol with vetiver that is ethically sourced.

For the presentation, the scent comes in the classic Davidoff Cool Water bottle shape but donning an ombre effect of dark blue and opaque white from top to bottom.

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The campaign, which was shot by filmmaker Matt Lambert, stars Danish top male model Tobias Sorensen which has his own narrative of being reborn many times. “Do we really only live once? I feel like I’ve already lived many lives,” shares Tobias. “Sometimes, you just have to strip back to the true you, shed the guy you’ve made up, and get back to the skin you’re really in. Just let fear run off your back, surface into life like a new man. Yes, they always told me ‘you only live once,’ but they never told me how many times I could be reborn. A man has to learn that for himself.”

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