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This skincare brand wants you to embrace your ‘imperfect’ skin

This skincare brand wants you to embrace your ‘imperfect’ skin

Clear Start by Dermalogica aims to normalize having breakouts 

June is National Acne Awareness Month. In line with this, Clear Start by Dermalogica is spreading the understanding that possessing “imperfect” skin is perfectly normal. The #FkAcneCensorship campaign aims to normalize experiencing acne and not allowing social media to dictate what one’s self-image is. 

With social media making beauty filters easily accessible that using one is becoming a norm, it also makes people unconfident about their real skin, without the filter. Especially among the youth, they are very impressionable particularly when the influencers they follow and idolize set unachievable beauty standards, making them develop lower self-esteem. 

The problem, at its core, goes beyond influencers. A lot of skincare brands censor acne just to bring in more clients and patrons promising “flawless” skin. For this month’s festivity, Clear Start by Dermatologica held a virtual event in hopes of breaking the society free from this point of view. 

During the event, the brand did not just highlight their Clear Start line but also the significance of body neutrality that champions calling out and resisting acne censorship on social media. The brand also partnered with National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), to help the organization provide more support for those suffering from mental illness.

Filipino-American beauty content creator Kristina Rodulfo was present in the event together with Dermatologica Master Instructor Sarah Miller, and Clear Start by Dermatologica representatives Yvonne Teh, Gabby Sibaha, and Sam Sargen, who made it clear that the brand’s message and goal is not to have (inexistent) perfect skin but rather a healthy one. 

Kristina Rodulfo

“Being mindful about words, whether you’re an editor or a reporter, can really shape our opinions of ourselves,” said Kristina. “[Not doing so can] inadvertently make people feel bad about the skin they have, when it’s perfectly natural to have pores, texture, and cysts!”

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Sarah Miller

Sarah also mentioned during the event about the heights her clients go in hopes of achieving perfect skin. “I’ve had clients come in and tell me of the most outrageous things that they’ve tried—toothpaste, cotton with alcohol, one instance was someone used tape to try and fix their acne,” exclaimed Sarah. “But there needs to be a change in how we see acne for all generations, most importantly for the Gen Z, since they’re at a time of their life where they are most susceptible to it. Acne happens for various, even uncontrollable reasons, and that’s perfectly normal.”

The brand aims to reach more individuals through the product range, the junket, and the partnership with NAMI so that the message of having healthy skin can surpass the unachievable beauty standards social media has set for us. 

Clear Start by Dermalogica is also encouraging people to take the pledge of loving one’s own skin through their platform. These pledges will be converted to cash and donated to NAMI in support of the organization’s causes. 

Clear Start by Dermalogica is a line that specializes in targeting breakouts, blackheads, and sebum. For the full line of products, check them out here

Clear Start by Dermalogica is available through the Sephora Philippines website.  

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