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JC De Vera reveals secret to becoming a successful artist

JC De Vera reveals secret to becoming a successful artist

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Let’s admit it. One of the harshest realities in the art industry is, even though you’re talented and passionate, it’s hard to build up a name if you don’t have a certain edge over others. But for main-stream actor JC De Vera, with his good-looking physical features and natural knack for acting, he believes that he wouldn’t be able to get where he is today he not been lucky. 

In an interview with Manila Bulletin Lifestyle for his newest romantic-comedy series, “Boyfriend #13,” together with JC Santos and Sue Ramirez, the 35-year-old actor openly admits that he’s not the type to believe in superstition, but he’s definitely convinced that he became one of the most sought out actors of today is because of luck. 

“I didn’t grow up in a family believing in any superstition, but I believe in luck,” he says. “I believe lahat kaming actors dumaan kami, at one-point, na tinamaan kami ng swerte. We wouldn’t be here kung hindi kami tinamaan ng swerte (I believe that all of us actors, at some point, got lucky. We wouldn’t be here had we not been lucky).” 

But apart from waiting for luck to strike, JC also says that one should work hard. “Yung swerte kailangan natin back-up-an lagi ng hardwork (Luck should be accompanied by hardwork),” he says. 

Unknown to many, JC also comes from a family that is no stranger to showbiz. His mother, Carmen Anson Rivera, is the cousin of award-winning actress and editor Boots Anson-Roa. Meanwhile, his father Rolando Reyes de Vera, is related to the Alandys, the family of actor Luis Alandy.

“Boyfriend #13” follows the story of a girl who’s deeply into superstition and her journey toward finding boyfriend #13. It’s an eight-episode romantic-comedy series available on We TV. 

Text by Jessica Pag-iwayan

This article first appeared on Manila Bulletin Lifestyle

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