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What does JC Santos give in the name of love?

What does JC Santos give in the name of love?

The actor stars in the newest romantic-comedy series ‘Boyfriend #13’

Do you believe in luck or in superstition? How far can you go in the name of love? 

With more than 7,000 islands, the Philippines is full of customs and traditions that make our culture more colorful. And part of this culture is having different superstitions, and believe it or not, even some celebrities are into it. 

One of them is the lead star in WeTV’s newest series show “Boyfriend #13,” JC Santos. Co-starred Sue Ramirez and JC De Vera, this show follows the story of a girl who’s deeply into superstitions and her journey toward finding boyfriend #13.

During the exclusive interview with Manila Bulletin Lifestyle, JC Santos candidly shares some superstitions he believes in, especially, on things related to romantic relationship. 

Hailed from the province of Mabalacat, Pampanga, JC says that he grew up listening to the stories of his grandparents about different traditions and beliefs. No wonder, those stories somehow influence his decisions now that he’s an adult.

“I believe in anything,” he says. “Kapag pinapaniwalaan ng isang tao sa tabi ko, naniniwala na rin ako (When someone near me believes in it, I tend to do the same).”  

Even though some superstitions have no scientific explanation, it didn’t stop JC from following it especially, for the name of love. 

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Ang huli kong pinaniwalaan pagdating sa relationship is yung magbigay ka ng underwear (the last thing I believed in that is related to relationship is to give underwear),” he cheekily shares. “Kapag nagbigay ka ng underwear, ibig sabihin parang kini-claim mo na siya. Hindi ka na niya makakalimutan or hindi na siya mawawala sayo (When you give underwear, you are claiming the person. She won’t forget you anymore or she’ll be the one for you).” 

The sad thing is, JC admits that it didn’t work for him. “Hindi naman effective. Hindi naman pumalo sakin (It’s not effective. It didn’t work for me),” he says. “But luck wise, I believe that everything that is happening in my career is all about luck.” 

He also says that luck only strikes ones, and when it happens, one should work hard to keep the momentum. 

“Boyfriend #13” is an eight-episode romantic-comedy series set to premiere on Monday, June 28, 2021 at WeTV. 

Text by Jessica Pag-iwayan

This article first appeared in Manila Bulletin Lifestyle

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