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This week’s agenda: Put on some rose-colored glasses, Jupiter finally goes direct

This week’s agenda: Put on some rose-colored glasses, Jupiter finally goes direct

August started on a feel-good (if a tad dramatic) note with so many planets hanging out at the sign of Leo. The warm vibes continue this week, with Jupiter forming a trine with the Sun on August 7 and then with Venus on the 8th.

The first transit can have us feeling optimistic, as Jupiter is a benefic planet that expands what it touches—in this case, our self-identity. As it is in the supportive angle of the trine to the Sun, our ability to see possibilities and opportunities that are lying in wait, available for us to seize them, is heightened (that is, if we don on the lens of a curious optimist). For some, that could be an opportunity to re-ground themselves in who they know they are, especially if the recent eclipse season has made them feel as if they had taken a beating. Whatever the transit brings to you, whether it’s a push for external action or something more internal, like something as simple as a calm period for you to breathe, it’ll just be what you need.

Be on the lookout for opportunities

It helps that the following day, Venus, the planet that rules how we relate to others, will also be in a supportive angle to Jupiter. Dealing with others during this period could feel breezier, with Jupiter encouraging us to lower our emotional walls a bit and show affection to the ones we love. Smoothing interpersonal connections could also feel easier on the 8th, so if you’ve been feeling the urge to bury the hatchet with someone you’ve fallen out with, here’s a setting that can support you with that.

Fixing a relationship is a two-way street, though, ‘memba that

Then come August 11, Jupiter goes direct in its home sign of Sagittarius after being in retrograde since April. The hope is that within the past four months, we’ve made the best use of the Jupiter Rx energy by reviewing the trajectory of our spiritual growth, so that we’d be ready to press on in the right direction, guided by our intuition, once the big planet goes direct. And we’d need that inner compass, given that Uranus, the planet of sudden changes, goes retrograde the same day and will be in “reverse” until early January of next year. Refinery29’s Venus Australis sees this retrograde phase as a period when “changes will occur more [noticeably] internally, rather than externally.”

Uranus is not in its natural placement in stability-, constancy-, and pleasure-seeking Taurus, so take its retrograde movement as the chance to get your footing back regarding whatever uncomfortable upheaval it has caused since its ingress into the sign last year. Sometimes, we could come off as adept and flexible enough to accommodate quick changes, even though deep inside, below the surface, we’re thrashing and paddling and just trying to survive. The best gift that Uranus Rx could give us then is a space for us to catch up emotionally and mentally. With all the shifts we’d had to adjust to, are there certain beliefs, thought patterns, habits, and attitudes that also need an upgrade or even an outright replacement? Leave what you no longer need behind.

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