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Garage Young Talents 2018 presents: Bianca Umali

Garage Young Talents 2018 presents: Bianca Umali

Who: A 24-year-old makeup artist who wants to make natural and individual beauty no longer such a rarity in an industry influenced by the mostly homogenous Instagram aesthetic.

What’s your sign?
“I’m a Leo. My Leo traits came out [more] when I started freelancing because I have to be more assertive. Otherwise, I wouldn’t get the projects that I wanted.”

Why focus on natural beauty with your work?
“Natural beauty is not something to be frowned upon. I want to go back to that niche market that celebrates beauty as it is.”

How engaged are you in social media, and how do you unplug from your online life?
“I’ve been more active on Instagram and YouTube, but while I’m having coffee in the morning, which is my sacred time of the day, I stop checking social media.”

Whats your social media word of the year?
“‘Sleek,’ especially since makeup trends are leaning more towards looks that are very clean, very sleek.”

Best advice you’ve ever received that you’ll also pass on to someone else?
“To take things day by day, and to just keep doing what you’re doing.”


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