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5 empowering quotes from ‘The Write One’

5 empowering quotes from ‘The Write One’

Ruru Madrid delivers a spectacular performance as Liam

If you haven’t jumped on the “The Write One” bandwagon yet, let us convince you with these self-empowering and timeless quotes that will truly resonate with you.

To provide some context, “The Write One” tells the story of Liam (Ruru Madrid), a frustrated writer who gets the opportunity to rewrite his love and life story with the help of a mysterious typewriter. Alongside him is Joyce (Bianca Umali), a former starlet who became pregnant before she had a chance at fame.

In Liam’s alternate reality, their paths become entangled with Via (Mikee Quintos) and Hans (Paul Salas), who manipulate the “reality” to maintain their current romantic relationships.

We have compiled a list of heartfelt and empowering moments from “The Write One.” Check out our top picks below:

EPISODE 4: “Remember, I’m here”

“Maybe there are wishes we only regret once they come true.”

In the series, this was the psychiatrist’s response to Liam, who felt guilty about his version of reality. In real life, have you ever regretted a wish after it came true? If so, we hope you’ve learned from it and will be more cautious about what you wish for in the future.

EPISODE 6: “We met before?”

“We do unthinkable things because of intense feelings of love.”

You might cringe right now, recalling the things you did for someone you had feelings for in the past. Let American writer Cheryl Strayed remind you: Desperation is unsustainable.

EPISODE 6: “We met before?”

“Sometimes, life leads us down unexpected paths, to uncertain places. We don’t know if they will lead us astray or if they will bring us to the right destination.”

None of us truly knows what the future holds, but look back and realize that you once worried about today. Look at where you are now. You’re doing alright.

EPISODE 9: “A magic typewriter”

“We, women, need no saving. [This movie] should also depict women who can defend themselves.”

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Joyce didn’t want another “damsel in distress” role, so she requested revisions to the script. For the longest time, women in films always needed saving. Kudos to single moms, ladies, and other femmes who can stand up for themselves.

EPISODE 5: “I feel trapped”

“I realized that a significant change can be worthwhile.”

How many of us prefer to stay in our comfort zones, becoming greatly shaken by even the smallest obstacle on our journey? This scene demonstrates how drastic changes can be necessary in life to shake us to our core and put us in a much more desirable disposition.

If you’ve missed out on “The Write One,” you can catch up on all episodes or stream in advance from Saturdays to Tuesdays on Viu via this link:

“The Write One” also airs on GMA Telebabad, Monday to Thursday, at 9:35 p.m.

Featured image source: Ruru Madrid’s Instagram

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