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Garage Young Talents 2018 presents: Andre Drilon

Garage Young Talents 2018 presents: Andre Drilon

Who: A 24-year-old photographer who is also no stranger to being the subject of photographs. Andre Drilon is also one of the ambassadors of Converse One Star’s #RatedOneStar campaign, which is a celebration of those who are brave enough to buck the trend by staying true to themselves.

Which recognizable person of your age range do you admire the most?
Hideki Ito. He just breathes and exhales creativity. He doesn’t only have the drive, he also has the vision.”

The most significant life tip you’ve ever received, which you’d also give to someone else?
“‘What’s keeping you from executing your vision?’ That simple question made me think, “Yeah, why not?’”

What keeps you optimistic?
“I genuinely believe I have something to say that no one else can say. Everyone has something to offer than no one else can.”

What mark do you want to leave in the industry you’re in?
“That it doesn’t take too much to say something profound. I want more inexperienced people to not be intimidated by the juggernauts of the industry.”

Your social media word of the year?
“‘Worth.’ It describes getting into a really bad situation just to get a little reward that, rationally, wouldn’t be seen as proportional to the suffering.”

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