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How to avoid bad hair days, according to these pros

How to avoid bad hair days, according to these pros

Celebrity hairstylists Lourd Ramos, Jonathan Velasco, and Anton Papa were recently named as brand ambassadors of Denman brushes, so who better to ask about hairstyling tips, tricks, and tools then they?

Lourd Ramos’ pick: The Tunnel Vent Brush (medium)
This brush works if you’re trying to achieve a pompadour hairstyle. You can also straighten out your waves with this by doing flips as you blow dry hair; this brush is heat-resistant so you can use it with a blow dryer. It’s s also good for wet-look styling. This is the most recommended brush for its multifunctional use.”

Jonathan Velasco’s pick: The Styling Brush (medium)
“You can use this brush to lift your roots and add volume as you blow dry and style. This brush will also tame frizzy hair for a sleeker style.”

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Anton Papa’s pick: The Handbag Styler (small)
“This small brush can help smoothen your hair texture. It’s also tiny enough that you can have it in your bag for when you go out. Here’s something to remember when buying a brush: the smaller the bristle spacing, the better for shorter hair.”


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