Ever believed in the saying “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”? If not, let the Brant boys tell you otherwise.

Sons of the gorgeous model/actress/socialite Stephanie Seymour and billionaire businessman/art collector Peter M. Brant, Peter Brant, Jr. (who prefers to be called Peter II) and Harry Brant are apparent proof that aside from model genes and social class, choices in life and aesthetics can also be coded from the family DNA.

If you need more convincing, take a look at these servings of the Brant brand.

Okay, let’s start with a family picture which pretty much sums up how they’ve always lived their lives: grand, fashionable, and lotsa fun.


From a birthday greeting to another birthday greeting, this time from Peter II to Harry, with both looking sparkly while sitting on the Versailles lawn. People can grow and become more androgynous with their style choices, but not everything has to change—looks like these boys were born this way, and nobody’s complaining. I mean, who would?


Midnight playing for tips 📽 @stella__schnabel

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Harry’s pale skin, complemented by this sheer top and a statement necklace, and his piano playing can be a great intro for Aaliyah’s Queen of the Damned movie.


The Beautiful and the Damned 🥂

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Speaking of bloodsuckers, how on point is Peter II’s look for an Interview with the Vampire sequel?


MVP when it comes to spectator sports 🏅🐎🏆

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The Brant boys’ lives are probably like these suits: specifically, luxuriously tailored for them.


A minute away from snowing 🚦❄️

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A snapshot of Peter II sporting a navy and gray layered look in preparation for the cold. Cold cash, that is.


Golden 👁 💄💋 @patmcgrathreal #metalmorphosis 📷 @stella__schnabel

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Here’s Harry serving wine red pants, body, and a snatched face.


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Another lewk that left us floored: that middle partition, that choker, those flora-and-fauna-printed trousers.


23's a beach 🌴🎂

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Flaunting a print and stripe combo on his 23rd birthday on the beach. I wonder, what else could Peter II wish for?


The Brant boys sandwich-ing ’90s supermodel Kristen McMenamy. Oh, did I mention they hang out only with anybody who is a Somebody?


From Naomi Campbell to Courtney Love and everyone in between, I mean, can it get any better than that?


The late Franca Sozzani, Vogue Italia‘s former editor-in-chief, probably still watches over these boys like a fairy godmother, guiding their every step in the most fashionable way.


POSE ❤️💋#PoseonFX

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This textured suit and his pose makes me want to see Peter II in the groundbreaking series Pose.


Some like it Hawt 🌞🌴⛱

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Here’s more of him showing off some body hair and an appreciation for the plant kingdom.


The eye of the storm 😎👊🏻

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In comparing the junior’s pink turtleneck top with his future, I conclude that both look bright.


Even big cosmetic brands can’t resist the Brant aesthetic. Here was the Mac Cosmetics campaign that celebrated its unisex cosmetic line, MAC Brant Brothers Peter & Harry.


👽 @mrodofficial 💀 @petermbrant 👽

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Rounding it off with a photo of the duo front row (with Michelle Rodriguez) at a long ago Paris Fashion Week. I feel the judgement even now through my computer screen.