Doing some reflection, honoring religious traditions, or going for a vacation? We asked these Garage guys their plans and whereabouts for the Lenten break.


David Licauco

Life is güd

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“My family and I will be going to Sydney and Hamilton Island. We visit Australia twice a year because my sister lives there. I’m excited to hit the beach, eat, and shop!”


Neil Dy 

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“My parents will be visiting me here in China. We’ll be going to the place where they shot Avatar. It’s called Zhangjiajie.”


Jason Dy


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“I will be going to South Korea with my friends. I’m really excited, because it will be my first time there. Looking forward to seeing Nami Island, eating Korean food, and shopping for clothes and skincare!”


Clint Karkliñs

“It has been my tradition every Holy Week to leave for my hometown to be with my family. Every Good Friday, umuuwi ako kasi my family takes care of a Mama Mary image that they bring to a procession. The image, called Mother Dolorosa, is like centuries old.”


Daniel Velasco

“I actually don’t have plans yet since I’m currently not in Manila. I’m not sure how to spend the Holy Week  here in Australia, but it’s a week-long break from school. Most probably I’ll just go to church on Easter Sunday, which has been a tradition for me.”