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LOOK: Pop idol Mark Tuan is the new face of this latest fine fragrance collection

LOOK: Pop idol Mark Tuan is the new face of this latest fine fragrance collection

 Axe launches three premium fragrances

Mark Tuan’s charm has captivated his audience since he stepped onto the stage with his former boy group, GOT7. As a soloist, he continues to carve his own path, becoming a successful musician, the face of Calvin Klein for Southeast Asia, and endorsing countless brands, including his latest stint as the newest face of Axe.

The Taiwanese-American now leads Axe’s latest launch: fine fragrances crafted by Givaudan and Firmenich, renowned French fragrance houses. Ann Gittlieb, whose curation credits include CK Obsession and Marc Jacobs Daisy, curated the fragrances for this collection.

With this venture into the world of fine fragrances, Axe stays true to its core—a body spray that is the perfect hybrid between fine fragrance and deodorant, offering up to 72 hours of protection. This collection comprises three fragrances: Aqua Bergamot, Blue Lavender, and Emerald Sage.

Aqua Bergamot is described as crisp and sparkling, reminiscent of crystal blue sea waters. Its notes include bergamot, sage, earthy sandalwood, and spicy nutmeg, creating a remarkable “land and sea” harmony, perfect for an island boy vibe.

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Blue Lavender boasts minty amber touches that are both sweet and smooth. This refreshing scent evokes memories of gelato on a warm afternoon, with vanilla and tonka bean nuances.

As for the third fine fragrance, Emerald Sage offers an earthy and spicy experience, brought by geranium, cedarwood, and Indonesian patchouli. It also features Moroccan spearmint, French lavender, and Canadian fir balsam, ensuring one stands out in the crowd.”

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