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MUST-HAVE: This new fashion collaboration is a triple threat!

MUST-HAVE: This new fashion collaboration is a triple threat!

H&M teams up with DBTK and Garapata

Filipino streetwear enthusiasts rejoiced when H&M embarked on its inaugural collaboration with Don’t Blame The Kids (DBTK). Now, there’s even more reason to celebrate, as this partnership returns, joined by yet another local brand, Garapata.

Conceived by interdisciplinary artist Dex Fernandez, Garapata has garnered attention both locally and internationally, with exhibitions spanning Taiwan, New York, Paris, and beyond. Fernandez’s artistic practice encompasses diverse mediums such as paintings, drawings, animations, murals, mixed media, and photography. These works are characterized by their highly stylized nature and layered profound meanings.

“Garapata is a whimsical representation of social psychedelic landscape that observes the intertwined experiences of human behavior influenced by the other with bizarre context in which it occurs. In other words, a socio-political mind-trip,” shared Dex.

The inclusion of Garapata in this collaboration underscores H&M’s commitment to inclusivity, complementing DBTK’s aspiration to embrace diverse lifestyles.

“While DBTK and Garapata took the reins design-wise, H&M worked closely together to make sure this collection would be a visual representation of our shared philosophy,” said Dan Mejia, regional head of communications and PR at H&M. “Its ambition is to connect with the community and bring this essence to the pieces hence creating an exciting blend of fashion and innovation.”

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Emil and Vince, the DBTK brothers, revealed that the collaboration has heightened the pressure to craft even more distinctive pieces that deeply resonate with the community. “Working with H&M as our platform adds excitement to the prospect of creating a collection with Garapata, as it brings together two influential names in art and fashion. Incorporating DBTK adds a vibrant and meaningful narrative that resonates with young audiences,” the brothers ended.

The H&M x DBTK x Garapata collaboration will hit select stores starting Sept. 21, 2023.

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