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How 22-year-old model Gavin Chebat got discovered on Tiktok Live

How 22-year-old model Gavin Chebat got discovered on Tiktok Live

All eyes on the Filipino-Syrian stunner

One may have seen his bad boy flair while scrolling on TikTok, but we first laid eyes on Gav during his debut on Bench Fashion Week 2022 where he walked for a number of designers and brands. Although fairly new to the industry, his fierce gaze, toned physique, chiseled jaw, and presence on the runway proved that he’s got guts to give just like the established models before him.

TikTok has been a reliable source of talents for model scouts and this 22-year-old model was also discovered through the app. “I was discovered through TikTok by my manager from Elite Manila (Jesse Palomado). I was going live and funny enough I kept engaging with the comments to which at first I was very skeptical,” Gav shared. “When Jesse commented on my TikTok live, he asked for my email so he can send a me a copy for an exclusive contract with Elite. In a week’s time, I signed my very first contract with the agency after he briefed me about Eiite.”

Although modeling came during an unexpected time during the pandemic, Gav’s drive and love for fresh experiences and meeting new people motivated him to pursue a job which initially was just an interest. 

For this month’s Model Profile, Garage talked to the Filipino-Syrian model about his grooming and fitness routines. We also tackled topics about his expression through fashion, current career, and life as a model off-duty. Read through below: 

Tell us about your first modeling gig.

My first modeling gig was as a commercial model for San Mig Light. It was one of the most fun experiences and I even made some true friends in the process. We had to portray ourselves as a barkada, and the butterflies immediately went away when all I could think of was the fun we were having. 

What have you learned and loved about modeling so far?

I would say that my passion for modeling has grown with the things I’ve learned and more importantly through the people I work with, to which I am beyond grateful for. The thought of being a model was always fun and an Idea that I’ve really wanted to pursue. Now, I’m able to say that the fun I’ve had is actually way more than I Initially expected. Every shoot, new people, new experiences, new things to learn, good energy, I simply am enjoying myself.

Describe your personal style.

I’d say I’m quite versatile and move about different looks from streetwear and athleisure to my usual style which are dapper looks and ‘90s outfits. I guess the only rule I’d say is have fun and be confident. Trust yourself more to do what you really want and push through with it. Fashion is expression, so express yourself! 



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Can you walk us through your grooming routine? What are your grooming must-haves?

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I have a simple skincare routine. I wash my face at least two times a day with a deep cleansing soap and simply moisturize right after. My beard grows pretty quickly so I make sure to use aftershave every time. I also have my lip balm 24/7. 

What do you think is your best asset and how do you maintain it?

I would say my eyebrows and eyelashes. I’ve been experimental lately with my eyebrows and had my very first threading session late December. It was pretty painful but it was fun and I’m planning to do it again very soon. I also regularly trim my eyebrows with the help of my dad.

What’s your fitness routine like? Do you follow any specific exercise?
My fitness routine involves four days of weight training and two cardio sessions per week. For weight training I do a “push day” and a “pull/leg” day and make sure to do that twice a week. I aim for at least nine sets per muscle group per workout and focus on time under tension above all (hypertrophy). 

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Lately I’ve been on a bulk and am currently trying to grow my legs. I’d say the most beneficial workout for legs would be the low bar squat to which I’ve recently just started. For cardio, I either try to get at least one intense session of either Muay Thai or basketball per week and one brisk walking day wherein I really get to clear my head. I see it as I have seven days to make sure that I get in four weight training days and two cardio days. That’s my game plan to keep it exciting.

What’s your dream project as a model?
My dream project would be to do a campaign and model for my favorite brands Burberry and Zara. 

Aside from modeling, are there other talents you would like to share/explore?
I’d really love to try acting as well, it’s always such an exciting thing for me to see a spectacle wherein people are able to convey emotions and feelings through the screen and allow for it to manifest as real to the viewer! I’m also currently a 4th year student in Ateneo De Manila as a communications major and I would definitely love to see how this plays out for me in the future reading Ad/Public relations and possibly the radio industry as well.

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