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WATCH: Daniel Lee’s much-anticipated Burberry debut is here

WATCH: Daniel Lee’s much-anticipated Burberry debut is here

The designer showcases checks and the house’s iconic equestrian logo

If you’re following Burberry’s updated Instagram account, you’ll understand how the latest presentation of British designer Daniel Lee for the Burberry Fall 2023 collection is related to the brand’s wax stamps posted on social media.

In September 2022, designer Riccardo Tisci left the British fashion house, and Daniel took over as the new chief creative officer. Daniel is known for his love of the brand’s DNA while elevating it with his own take, ushering in a new era for the heritage brand.

For his Burberry reign, the 37-year-old creative began by reintroducing the Burberry Prorsum logo, the house’s equestrian knight symbol. This insignia appeared on a number of pieces on the runway, including outerwear and blankets. Daniel also played with checks, a signature of Burberry, but in various colors, including purple, red, yellow, green, and blue, which are also the colors of the wax stamps posted on Instagram.

Many looks featured coordinating and layered plaids, such as shirts and pants with overcoats, pullovers and trousers with long coats, and sweaters, skirts, and leggings with ponchos for women.

Faux fur highlighted several apparel and accessories, including furry hats, bags, coats, slippers, and jackets, all lined with hair. To enhance the looks, there were also several outfits with feathers.

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One of Daniel’s significant contributions to Bottega Veneta was the rise of restructured woven bags. For his tenure at Burberry, can we also anticipate a trend in their bag line?

For now, watch the full presentation below

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