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Model Profile: Liam Tavita is ready for his close up

Model Profile: Liam Tavita is ready for his close up

Get ready to see more of this 19-year-old content creator and athlete

What’s meant for you will eventually find you. Do you believe that or not? There are a lot of reasons, chances, and missed opportunities in life that may hinder us from what we’re meant to do or become but only time can tell what can truly happen. 

A believer or not, the glamorous world of modeling finally caught up with our next personality feature, Liam Tavita. The Japanese-Kiwi model was once scouted in Japan when he was in 8th grade, but Liam did not pursue it during that time. 

Liam is also a survivor of Guillain-Barré syndrome which is an autoimmune disorder that caused him paralysis back in 2019. But, modeling was written in the stars for him. It was Liam’s trip here in the Philippines that offered him another opportunity to push through with modeling and a little help from Empire/Mercator Talent Agency. 

“New Zealander-Filipina Miss Universe Philippines Charity title holder Victoria Velasquez Vincent was at a function that I also attended. Victoria was with her handler Eljohn, who scouted me,” shares Liam about how he was discovered.

Although we first saw Liam on Tiktok where he was creating content about fitness, his height of 6’1” and fit physique are surely not hard to miss. “I have been competing and training in Kyokushin Karate since I was four years old. Through the years, I have competed in swimming, rugby, basketball, and wrestling. Karate and wrestling are the activities I have been most serious about in the last few years,” shares Liam when asked about his physicality. Now, his online content ranges from his fitness routines to the shoots he’s been doing since he was signed up.

In this exclusive, we got to know more about the model as we asked about his other interests, how he keeps himself fit, and his insights about the world that he is in right now. Read through our chat below:

Did you always want to become a model?

I have always been interested in modeling and to represent brands that I believe in and support. Especially since my friend began modeling I became much more open to the experience.

Tell us about your other interests.

When I am not modeling or working out/training, I enjoy reading, journaling, and playing guitar. My favorite artist to play on guitar is Ed Sheeran. Recently I picked up sketching, and have been trying to be better at that.

How do you perceive modeling and so far, is it anything you expected it to be?

Modeling is so much fun. I love connecting with the creatives at shoots and brainstorming together to find ways to best show off the best parts of their product. In terms of what I expected, I have learned that modeling has many more elements to it than I initially thought and is an art in and of itself. There is a lot of nuance that goes into getting the right poses, the right looks, and right “vibes” to showcase the product.

What’s your dream job as a model?

My dream job would be to model for the brands that I support and have worn growing up. Examples would be sports brands such as Nike and Adidas, and leisure brands popular in Japan such as Uniqlo and H&M. It would be a dream come true if I was able to model the clothes I have worn for so long, and for the products I have enjoyed in my life.

If not modeling, what career would you be pursuing?

After I have completed college, I plan to pursue a career in the healthcare field. I am planning to study bioengineering and would love to be able to pursue that as a potential career in the future after modeling.

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What’s your workout routine like? Are you subscribed to any specific exercise program?

In my routine, I swap between doing fight training (sparring, mittwork, footwork) and weight training. In my weight training, I am currently doing a lower/body split alternating between power sessions and strength sessions, separated by workouts for fight training.

Which part of your body are you most proud of and how do you maintain it?

I am definitely most proud of my legs and quads. The lower body is extremely crucial for the sports that I play, and I feel my legs are also a testament to the obstacles I have overcome. I was paralyzed in 2019 and was told I may not walk again or play sports. Because of this, I see my legs as proof that I was able to overcome that challenge. I no longer need a wheelchair, crutches, or a cane, and can stand on my own two legs.

What can we look forward to with you in the near future?

Stay tuned! I have test shoots and shoots lined up and am excited for you to see the final products soon. I hope you will enjoy them. 

Photographer: Philip Vargas
Grooming: Luis Bunag
Stylist: Dave Arden

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