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Rustan’s man on the move: 3 guys share how they live dynamic lifestyles with a breeze

Rustan’s man on the move: 3 guys share how they live dynamic lifestyles with a breeze

How EJ Lagman, Anton Medalla, and Ralph Mendoza, embody the new Rustan’s Man

Successful, creative, and on the move, these are only few of the characteristics a Rustan’s Man possesses. 

The Rustan’s group assembled a group consisting of three guys that exudes the perfect definition of the title. The brand invited entrepreneur Anton Medalla, restaurateur EJ Lagman, and photographer Ralph Mendoza to dish out their daily routines, style, and how they get themselves ready to be “on the move” as they sweep through their personal work-life balance. 

Anton Medalla

Anton Medalla handles an artisan eyewear brand, a contemporary golf apparel label, and an innovative construction company. He is also a do-it-all dad, but how does he handle it all? Read about how he navigates being a dad and an entrepreneur below:

What do you love about being an entrepreneur? How do you express your creativity through your businesses?

What I love about being an entrepreneur is the autonomy and freedom to pursue businesses akin to the things I am into. It also gives me the opportunity to purvey ideas and express creativity through branding, products, and service.

What’s the best part of your everyday routine?

The best parts of my day are the moments in between—the first sip of coffee, the walk to my car after a good workout, and the mini breaks where I get to spend time with my daughter.

Anton Medalla wearing Andres Patchwork polo in White by Viña Romero, Tailor Vintage Puretec Stretch Linen Cotton shorts, and Hair Mari Fields Camino sandals in Wheat

How has starting a family changed your lifestyle? As a new dad, how do you balance your work and family dynamics?

Since we had our daughter, we traded most of our nightlife for earlier mornings, meals/playdates with family, friends, and their kids, and other activities centered around our daughter. As both my wife and I work from home, we are able to fix our schedules in a way that complements each other and our responsibilities as parents. This is one of the best perks of being able to work from home, we get to spend more time with our daughter.

What does being “On the Move” mean for you?

“On the Move” for me is motion in a state of flow. It’s doing what I need to do every day for the different roles I play and the responsibilities that come with it. It is a purposeful action for progression.

What does your everyday wardrobe look like? And what was your favorite look from the Rustan’s Man On the Move” shoot?

My everyday wardrobe is composed of pieces that are functional and comfortable—mostly with a minimal aesthetic. My favorite look from the shoot would have to be the Tailor Vintage Airotec shirt, paired with the khaki shorts, American Trench socks, and Satorisan trainers. Each piece is pure quality and the outfit as a whole was incredibly comfortable, stylish, and versatile.

Ralph Mendoza

For photographer Ralph Mendoza, the focus shifts to his improvisation and creative nature. He finds pleasure in capturing visual memories which he could always look back to whether from a long walk in the park or even during a shoot. Read about his processes below:

What does a busy day look like for you? What’s an essential part of your daily routine?

A busy day for me is at a photo shoot with any of my favorite local clients. I’m constantly either in pre- or post-production, or handling a print order. I’m always thankful to be able to work and create.

Ralph Mendoza wearing Elias Pintucked polo in Olive by Viña Romero, Faherty Reserve Cotton Linen trouser in Fossil, and American Trench The Solid Socks in White

What does being “On the Move” mean for you?

 “On the Move” is about staying curious. Curiosity feeds creativity. Curiosity is an underrated tool in the toolbox.

What does your everyday wardrobe look like? And what was your favorite look from the “Rustan’s Man On the Move” shoot?

I need to be comfortable in my line of work since photography is a very active, physical job. I go for lots of worn-in workwear with stretchable fabric.

I love all the looks I wore at the shoot, but if I had to pick two, I would say the Viña Romero shirt mixed with the Kelvin Morales pants. I like supporting local brands and feel at ease and ready to go about my day.

EJ Lagman

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EJ Lagman wearing Faherty Cabana polo in Stormy Sky, Faherty Beacon trunk in Red Beacon Floral, Satorisan Koto Premium sneakers in Loden, and American Trench The Solid Socks in White

A man with many hats, EJ Lagman is the very definition of effortlessly cool and endlessly talented. For this feature, the restaurateur in him gets put in the spotlight and how he made Makan, a restaurant he opened in La Union, a testament to his creativity when it comes to culinary. Read through below:

How does food inspire your creativity? 

Food inspires my creativity the same way skateboarding does. When I skate, I try to do a sequence of tricks in a line, using different obstacles (if possible), while keeping the flow going. With food, a complete dish is the line, the cooking methods are the different obstacles, and the different ingredients are the tricks. The challenge here is the creativity in dealing with all those different tricks so they all line up properly. I try to maintain a flow when I cook. That’s basically when the entire process is harmonious—from getting your “mise en place” together up until the finished dish.

How would you want diners to experience Filipino food at your restaurant, Makan?

We call it experimental Filipino food because we’re trying to push the boundaries of what Filipino food could really be, but we still want our diners to experience a bit of nostalgia and just have fun while eating. Sharing is caring! And eating with your hands is encouraged.

What does being “On the Move” mean for you?

For me, it means productivity. Whether it’s for the mind, body, or soul, being on the move means doing good in any of those three respects. I believe life’s all about balance and anything you do to complement that is a win.

What does your everyday wardrobe look like? And what was your favorite look from the “Rustan’s Man On the Move” shoot?

I throw on anything light and airy. I live in a beach town so it’s always warm and humid.

I’d live in that Faherty Kona Camp Shirt if I could! I sweat a lot but that button-up kept me nice and cool all day!

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