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EXCLUSIVE: Anton Medalla on being a fashion entrepreneur and a stylish dad

EXCLUSIVE: Anton Medalla on being a fashion entrepreneur and a stylish dad

Get to know the man behind fashion brands A.kin and Off Course

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads who love unconditionally and work tirelessly to provide for their families!

As we honor all the father figures this June, we want to celebrate one particular dad who is truly cool and has a spiffy sense of style to match. Meet entrepreneur, model, husband, and father to baby Nayah, Anton Medalla.

“Fashion and personal style have always fascinated me,” shared Anton. “To me, they are not just about superficial trends but powerful mediums for creativity and self-expression.” Having a very keen observation behind people’s psyche when it comes to dressing up, the 31-year-old entrepreneur puts up brands that aspire to convey and showcase personal style in an inclusive manner.

Anton is the man behind the contemporary eyewear brand A.kin, and he also co-owns a clothing and lifestyle brand called Off Course. A.kin was derived from “akin,” signifying similarity in nature or character. The brand carries carefully curated and selected eyewear pieces that embody simplicity, utility, and thoughtful design. As for Off Course, the brand offers a new perspective on modern golfing apparel.

For this month’s Manifesto guy, Garage puts the spotlight on the entrepreneur’s personal style, profession, grooming practices, and how being a father changed his perspective. Read through our conversation below.

Tell us more about Off Course.
Off Course was established by myself and two friends, Miguel Mapa and Diego Lorenzo. Our intention was to create a lively and inclusive brand that challenges the conventional perception of golf’s exclusivity and portrays a more realistic and relatable image. We aimed to embrace a new generation of golf enthusiasts, fostering a welcoming environment for all.

Do you design the merch?
Yes, we curate the prints and design the shirts with an emphasis on quality, performance, and fit to keep customers looking fresh on and off the course.

What can we look forward to from A.kin and Off Course?
From A.kin, you can anticipate a continuous flow of diverse lifestyle eyewear that aims to seamlessly merge style and functionality, offering a modern take on contemporary designs and high-quality craftsmanship. We do plan on releasing other products under the brand, which are currently in the works. As for Off Course, we are currently in the lab cooking up something new. You can look forward to a more diverse selection of products catering to a broader audience seeking comfort, functionality, and on-trend style on and off the course.

Where do you think your love for style comes from?
I’ve always been keenly observant, fascinated by the psychology behind people’s dressing choices. I love how fashion and style enable an individual to express themselves and find a sense of belonging and connection with like-minded people.

How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style at its core is minimalist, heavily influenced by multiple genres of menswear such as skatewear, surfwear, workwear, neo-prep, and sartorial menswear. I would describe my style as “wabi-sabi,” which is a mix of these different genres. A semi-casual laid-back approach to dressing.

How do you think your style has changed when you became a father?
My style has generally remained the same since becoming a father, but I do find myself choosing clothes that are more functional and comfortable when I am on the go. I also now carry a sling bag with me more often, making sure I have everything I need for the day. Being a dad and going around with a baby involves a lot of carrying and lugging around a ton of stuff. It helps that I can move comfortably and freely in my clothes as well as have a bag that frees my hands, holds all my daily essentials, and can store items for my daughter as well.

What I like most about being a young dad would probably be being able to experience and do things with my daughter as well as share our interests with her. I also love witnessing her develop into her own person and watching her personality blossom. I look forward to the many years of growing together and learning from each other.

What are your three grooming must-haves?
Skincare trio: facial wash, toner, and moisturizer. Good hair styling product. Fragrance, which includes deodorant and perfume.

What’s the most versatile piece in your wardrobe right now?
The most versatile piece in my wardrobe is a pair of Triple White Vans Authentic. This has been a wardrobe staple of mine since I was a kid, a trusted go-to that goes with literally everything.

What item in your wardrobe right now can you pass on to your future kids?
A watch that was passed down to me by my father.

How are you planning to celebrate Father’s Day this year?
No concrete plans yet, but as long as it’s with my wife and daughter, I would be grateful.

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