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FALL 2023: Christian Dior goes flowy, pretty, and poetic

FALL 2023: Christian Dior goes flowy, pretty, and poetic

Kim Jones bridges streetwear and high fashion for this collection

While other luxury brands went for full, loud music as background to their presentations, Christian Dior menswear creative director Kim Jones toned it down with melancholic poetry recited by ambassadors of the house Robert Pattinson and Gwendoline Christie.

Fittingly enough, the actors’ spoken words complemented the silhouettes’ softness. Lax tailoring flooded the runway with the use of neutral colors as chiffon, knit, and tweed fluffed the pieces.

Pale suits materialized on the runway accentuated by transparent trails flowing after each look. Several sweaters and jackets were also presented in different cuts and materials—some appeared more technical, others deconstructed, and two conceptual designs taking the form of a life jacket with buoyancy pads.

For bottoms, a selection of traditional and modern pieces was offered. There were tailored pants, below-the-knee shorts, and skirts all looking cozy and flowy.

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“In this collection, we wanted to look at the regeneration of the House after the death of Monsieur Dior, and its rejuvenation with Yves Saint Laurent – his chosen heir – drawing a parallel in literature, through imagery and themes in The Waste Land. It’s where an old world meets a new one, in change and in flux,” said Kim.

Watch the show below:

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