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LOOK: Model-turned-designer Michael Seifert debuts fashion collection with ‘Tropical Beginnings’

LOOK: Model-turned-designer Michael Seifert debuts fashion collection with ‘Tropical Beginnings’

Introducing his namesake label to the world

Michael Seifert is a global citizen who has traveled the world working as a model and a talent agent. He’s been in the industry for more than 20 years, allowing him not only to learn the trade but navigate it well.

In 2020, Garage talked to the multi-hyphenate about Talentman—a boutique talent agency he has built from the ground up. Now, the Filipino-German model shares how he plans to expand his contribution to the fashion world with the announcement of his fashion label, Seifert.

“Seifert is authentic, curated slow fashion that is inspired by world travels—unique through its gender neutral approach,” says Michael. “Seifert incorporates a global perspective and understanding through the world travels of a fashion model and entrepreneur who grew up in the business.”

For his first collection, the inspiration relies heavily on his trip to Bali and summers spent in Europe. This capsule also holds a special place in his heart for it was motivated by someone close to his heart, his father. “It was only last year when my father passed. I reflected on my life during the grieving stages where I spent several months in Bali. It was during this time that I realized I needed to find balance and a lust for life again to help me heal,” confesses Michael.

In this piece, Michael shares more about his influences for the first collection of the Seifert label. He also talks about how he understood the science of industry from first-hand experiences and how he applies it to his new endeavor. 

Read through our chat below:   

How did your love for designing come about?

I’ve always been someone who excelled in the creative field. I grew up loving art, travel, and fashion—hence my background in modeling and the pursuit thereof. Over the years, my understanding of the industry grew, and I became more cultured through my extensive world travels, understanding what fashion is, how it is worn in different places and finding my own personal style along the way.

So far, what have you learned from the fashion industry that you were able to apply on your label?

Through my modeling years traveling and working around the world, I learned while modeling for Dior, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Ermenegildo Zegna, exposing me to beautiful tailoring, fabric choice, and great shapes and silhouettes. I furthermore developed my style seeing what people would wear, analyzing collections and more so embracing “being authentic” by finding ways to share my perspective of clothing and style, while making clothing appeal to any person who wishes to express authenticity through their style. 

I’ve learned it’s a tough business, and perseverance is key. Being humble, working hard, learning from your fellow peers and understanding that while many “compete” with one another, each designer/brand has something to contribute to society. 

Talk about the influences for your collection.

My father was known for his style in his younger days, so I took some inspiration from photos I found of him, as well as icons like Elvis [Presley] and Tom Ford. Jacquemus also served as an inspiration in its approach to fashion, highlighting my love for storytelling, beautiful imagery and my style of merging resort luxe with big city life fashion.

When is the perfect time to wear your label?

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Each piece is thoroughly thought out, designed to look and feel good. They are multi-functional and wearable for numerous occasions from a wedding at the beach, to sunset drinks in the city, to a big gala event or music festivals.

What are the key pieces for your first collection?

For my first collection, I’m working with fabrics like silk, linen, and chiffon. The key pieces are a mix of staples that are chic, clean and unique in color choice, while I also have a few prints to showcase the celebration of life. I want the pieces to state something chic and modern, with a relaxed, wearable, and timeless appeal.

What state of mind does the Seifert man/woman have?

The state of mind of the Seifert consumer is that he/she/they celebrate authenticity. Also, loves traveling, and believes in the importance of investing in key pieces that are timeless, one-of-a-kind, and reflect their consciousness towards the environment. Each piece can be worn by self, shared between partners, or even be gifted to a parent or loved one as the capsule collection “Tropical Beginnings” is gender neutral.

Pre-orders for Seifert start in November 2022 and will be available globally by December. 

Featured image source: Seifert’s Instagram account

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