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LOOK: Young Filipino creative joins All Star Series Sydney with Tyler, The Creator

LOOK: Young Filipino creative joins All Star Series Sydney with Tyler, The Creator

Converse talent and visual artist Catherine Victoriano collaborated with other global artists during the three-day workshop

Now on its third installment, the All Star Series continues to support young creatives around the world, including one of Converse Philippines’ All Star creatives, Catherine Victoriano.

The brand brought together 30 creatives from around the world to learn and collaborate on a new approach to music, bridging different genres and multicultural diversity. Musicians, visual creatives, and storytellers were invited to attend a three-day workshop led by multi-disciplinary artist Abdul Abdullah, creative director Ken Leung, and music producer Justin Elwin.

Catherine with Tyler, The Creator

The creatives also got to present their output to artist and Converse collaborator, Tyler, The Creator, who also gave the creatives some insights about artistry. “If you’re a creative person, it’s easy for people to pigeonhole you,” said Tyler. “When you branch out and do something different, even your biggest supporters might not understand as they don’t have the same lens as you. When I’m not in my comfort zone, it pushes me to break out even more. It’s easy to relapse and fall back into your old ways, but sometimes getting out of your comfort level is the greatest thing ever, and that’s what this Converse All Star experience is all about.”

The showcase was able to produce different tracks that fused talents and cultural background such as “Puerta” (Door) which used Spanish and English lyrics to explore the two sides of femininity; “On the low” which was a take on R&B and an emo melody; and “Self-Care,” a soulful track featuring the Hulusi, a traditional Chinese wind instrument, and four vocalists with backgrounds in rap and R&B.

Tyler, The Creator during the workshop

“This experience with All Stars is the latest example of how Converse is furthering its long-standing connection to music by identifying and elevating emerging artists who are driving change,” said Andres Kiger, vice president of marketing, Converse Global Partner Markets.  “We will always support innovation in a space that’s such an important part of the Converse DNA. The All Star Series: Sydney was an important step in our journey to foster musical talent and we have big plans to continue supporting emerging musicians.”

Catherine shared her experience about the opportunity too. “It has been a life-changing experience being with All Stars from different parts of the world with different cultures, in a foreign country, and to be able to show your craft and speak with Tyler, the Creator himself,” said Catherine.

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The young Filipino creative also shared what learnings she gained from Tyler, who shared that, “If you’re experiencing creativity block, pivoting is essential. Go in a different direction and once that becomes successful, apply what you’ve learned from there and come back to the part where you were stuck.” 

Catherine with Tyler, The Creator

Sydney was the third leg of the workshop in collaboration with Tyler, The Creator. The first was in Los Angeles, US wherein creative influences were explored, while the second was in Paris, France in which the focus was the creative process.

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