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LOOK: Jeff Staple works with Tumi for urban explorer-inspired collection

LOOK: Jeff Staple works with Tumi for urban explorer-inspired collection

The five-piece capsule takes inspiration from cities around the world

Jeff Staple is one of the most well-known Asian-American multi-disciplinary creatives in the industry. He founded Reed Art Department (f.k.a. Staple Design) and lent creative visions to brands like Nike, Sony, Timberland, New Balance, and more. 

This month, the creative once again ups the game with a collaboration with lifestyle brand Tumi for a capsule inspired by modern-day travels in urban cities.

“Jeff Staple is an innovator and an entrepreneur. He has never settled and has always pushed himself to go beyond the norm to bring streetwear culture to the global stage,” says Tumi Creative Director Victor Sanz. “Jeff is a true global citizen, as he exemplifies the world traveler that doesn’t lose his sense of home or where he has come from, while embracing other cultures for inspiration and self-growth. This truly is in line with how we view the world. We are always looking outside for inspiration and always building on our fundamentals.”

A key visual that aficionados will recognize in this collection is the pigeon logo which is significant to Jeff himself and the city that never sleeps. Set around New York City, the campaign, shot by photographer Jacob Consenstein, showcases the five-piece collection that is both functional and fashionable for every kind of traveler.

The first piece that will take shoppers around the globe is the spacious backpack that dons the streets of Sao Paulo. Second is the compact sling bag that takes cues from Tokyo, while the ping-pong bag takes inspiration from the tiles of Barcelona. The kit crossbody, with removable straps, references Los Angeles architecture while the international expandable four-wheeled carry-on showcases intricate design of the brand’s pigeon logo camouflaging the city of New York.

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“For me, Tumi has always been the pinnacle of luxury, travel, innovation and tech,” says Jeff. “There is a strong commonality in both our brands between travel and performance, and how the experience affects your everyday life. I’ve come to really appreciate the value of well-designed travel accessories, especially when you are in a new city and constantly on the go. Design-wise, the hustle mentality that the Staple Pigeon represents started out as a way to speak to the culture of New York City, but over the course of my travels, I’ve come to see that it represents this same ethos in cities across the globe.  With this Tumi collaboration, we are bringing that spirit full circle through the unique and elevated design details in each style of the collection.”

In the Philippines, the collection is now available at Greenbelt 5 and Shangri-La Plaza. For more information about this collaboration, visit  

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