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Here’s why an intensively clarified scalp is a grooming must

Here’s why an intensively clarified scalp is a grooming must

Svenson addresses hair loss dilemmas through scalp corrective treatments 

There are a number of reasons why an individual experiences hair loss. Few elements that contribute to this dilemma are age, genes, lifestyle, testosterone levels, and stress. Furthermore, improper ways of washing hair can also be a culprit. 

Using shampoo to cleanse the hair proves to be a different story than clarifying the scalp. One may be washing his hair every day but can neglect the debris in the scalp brought by oil, dirt, and dead skin cells building up on the surface.   

Svenson Philippines invites Garage to raise awareness on hair loss and how it can be addressed through corrective treatments. With the naked eye, one may think his head is pristine clean. However, under the microscope, cumulative build-up of hair products and other fragments may contribute to abnormal hair shedding and blocked hair follicles that leads to hair loss and, worse, baldness. 

Teresa Cruz, a certified trichologist, explores more on hair loss. “One, you should be careful with his or her lifestyle. Everyone has to manage stress to avoid the problem,” she says. “But environmental factors can also contribute to hair loss. The change in temperature, the working environment, especially if it’s dirty. Oily scalp also has to be addressed. Too much oil combined with other waste matter may penetrate to the follicle and cause blockage so it has to be normalized.”

Before the treatment, the specialist first evaluates what may be contributing to your hair and scalp problems with a series of questions. After that, a close examination of the scalp under the microscope camera is conducted. Through this, one can see if there are blockages or dandruff unseen with the naked eye. The individual can also see the state of his hair and how the texture and size differs when the follicles are not properly maintained. After the evaluation, the specialist recommends what type of treatment best suits the individual. 

Svenson offers a scalp corrective procedure where they use an ultrasound device to bring out dirt and oil build-up from the scalp. The procedure is then followed by an iontophoresis device which aids in the penetration of ionized forms of the treatments’ nutrients. This treatment has antiseptic and astringent properties which are good pre-treatment for all hair and scalp conditions. 

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After the corrective treatment, a certain lightness to the head is expected. Hair roots are to appear to be lifted from the scalp with the feeling of coolness, cleanliness, and being lightweight.  

Svenson also offers other treatment programs such as hair stimulants, anti-aging, and hair strengthening procedures as well as hair replacement and hair transplant techniques. 

For consultation and other hair loss related concerns, you may contact Svenson through their social media

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